CPAY token holders: the first monthly rewards have been delivered!

Truly, honestly, sincerely.

We’ve calculated our January revenue and we keep our word to distribute 10% of that amount.

Modesty aside, we’ve reached and overreached all our forecasted financial targets and we do our best to make our revenue grow even more. We’re glad to share a piece of this cake with our investors as we promised from the very start. After all, all this would’ve been impossible without our users as they help us go further, grow, and set new goals.

How big is my monthly reward?

Holders of CPAY tokens receive referral commission on a monthly basis.

Here are the numbers:

  • January 2018 revenue — €736,517
  • CPAY token holders’ revenue share — 10%
  • Monthly referral commission — €0.08 per 100 CPAY tokens

The reward is converted into ETH using the exchange rate valid at the 6th of February and has been made available for our investors on exactly that date.

If you had some CPay tokens at hand on January 31st at 23:59 UTC, you can calculate and withdraw your reward on our website. Refer to our step-by-step guide to learn how to do this.

Get your monthly reward

What can I do with CPay tokens?

Currently there are 2 things you can do with CPay tokens. You can just keep them on your ETH wallet and receive your portion of reward every month or you can withdraw them to an exchange platform for day-trading.

We plan to add more value to our tokens and are now investigating solutions that may be most interesting for our users.

One of the possible scenarios is to integrate CPAY into Cryptopay ecosystem and thus make it a utility token. If it gets to be true, our tokens would be used to pay for specific products and services, both the old and the new ones within Cryptopay ecosystem.

Now we’re making our own research of the market needs and the alternative solutions for this task.

Although the CPAY token is not a security from the legal point of view, we think of making it a utility token in the future. This will help us make our product more interesting and useful for our clients.

What else?

As you perhaps already know, Visa Europe stopped relations with our card issuing bank WavesCrest this January, which was a stab in the back for us. The cards make up a significant part of our income, that’s why this January our profits were not as good as they could be, but still we fitted the plan and even exceeded it to some extent.

Now we’re in the midst of establishing partnership with a new card emitent. We’re not authorised to disclose his name yet, but we’ll surely do that as soon as the first test batсh of cards is issued. This will help us skyrocket our revenue in the nearest months. You can expect to receive quite a weighty piece of cake as soon as the new partnership is established.

Apart from cards, we have a bundle of other products and services that are just as important. These are:

Now come and unleash the power of the crypto world with Cryptopay!