Cryptopay imposters attack: beware of spammers!

We’ve already discussed how to recognize a crypto scam. Check one that’s happening right now.

Spammers mislead Cryptopay users

As our company grows and our products get more popular, our users and followers also become a juicy target for different spammers.

This week, there’ve been a series of tweets tied to our account. These spammers created accounts which looked similar to ours hijacking our logo and using the same Twitter bio as ours, so one could easily mistake them for us.

The scheme they use is pretty straightforward. They wrote a series of comments to our tweets, urging users to send quite an impressive amount of Ethereum to the spammers’ address, promising to give away a 10x the amount.

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look for yourself:

More tweets of that kind followed in the comments:

There was also another spammer under the nickname of @cryptopasy, but luckily they’re already blocked.

How to identify a spammer

1. Cryptopay will never ask you to send your funds to any address and promise unbelievable reward for that. Cryptopay will never ask for people to send money, crypto or otherwise promising an absurd reward in return.

2. If you see any suspicious messages from someone posing as us, please check the spelling of our name. We spell our name like this, Cryptopay. Not like Cryptopaay, Crypdtopay, or any other messed up variation, but just Cryptopay.

Regarding this specific case, remember that we don’t have Ethereum wallets and don’t accept ETH payments, yet, but they’re coming soon!

If you see anyone impersonating us, please help everyone out by reporting them immediately.

P.S. The @cryptopaay guy is still alive on Twitter, so you can help us block them.