CryptopayAsks #1 Next Altcoin in Cryptopay?

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With our first question, we focused on our product roadmap and asked our audience which cryptocurrency they would like to see supported by Cryptopay next. Out of everyone who responded most were keen on adding Ethereum.

The second most popular crypto, and only surpassed in value by bitcoin, nevertheless, there are some key elements other than its value and popularity that make Ethereum so intriguing.

Smart contracts, the innovative technology that Ethereum is based on, are self-executing contracts that verify payments between users and eliminate the need of third-parties. They make payments transparent due to them being fully accessible to all the interested parties while at the same time helping process transactions faster than traditional financial institutions do. Thus, smart contracts give Ethereum indisputable advantages in comparison with traditional ways of payment.

Here are some interesting facts about Ethereum:

  • Is used to host ICOs that issue ERC20 tokens
  • Crowd-funded
  • Forked into Ethereum and Ethereum classic in 2016
  • Can be used to design your own decentralized apps
  • Has no upper cap

Adding Ethereum is no doubt a big priority. If you look at our roadmap on our ICO page, you’ll see that it is due to join our service in 3Q 2018. After we implement XRP, ETH is the next in line.

Do you have any other altcoins that you’d like to use in our service? Share your ideas in the comments below!