CryptopayAsks #2. Travelling back in time to buy cryptos?

There are tons of stories about people who are sorry for not buying Bitcoin when it was worth less than a dollar. Who could have thought back in 2011 that its value would be what it is today?

However, there’s more to cryptos than just Bitcoin. Many other altcoins have seen huge spikes in value since their launch and you can be sure that many more will follow.

This time, in #CryptopayAsks, we had our readers think back in time and asked them which coin they’d have bought before the “crypto boom.” Here are the coins that are most popular among our readers.

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It’s no surprise that most of the community responded saying they wish they’d have bought Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash

Resulting from Bitcoin’s hard fork, BCH aims to solve the issue of scalability that Bitcoin encountered as its popularity grew in time. In its best days, Bitcoin Cash price exceeded $4,000 per coin. Those who were early adopters and purchased it below $300 have surely made good money.


This project was started as a joke in late 2013. Dogecoin has no special technology to it, but its name and logo bear the image of the meme, Doge, was the driving force behind its popularity. One of the few utility features attached to dogecoin is letting people on social media tip each other for interesting content.

Ever since its launch, Dogecoin remained in obscurity for many years with its price hovering around $0.0001. But with the overall cryptocurrency boom in late 2017, its price made an x100 growth in a matter of a few months.


Known as a “Chinese Ethereum”, NEO provides its users with the same features that Ethereum does. Rebranded from Antshares, it utilizes GAS tokens to pay transaction fees.

Since its launch in 2014, NEO has made x400 growth which is even more impressive than Dogecoin’s results.


Seemingly out of nowhere the community chimed in and blew up our twitter feed about a little-known coin far below the first hundred at coinmarketcap, Groestlcoin.

This privacy-oriented coin was launched in 2014 and in terms of its price fluctuation, it keeps with nearly every other crypto as far as price fluctuations and volatility go.

Its price kept stable around $0.001 for several years up until summer 2017. It reached its highest ($2.70 per coin) in December 2017. As of now, it seems to be regaining its strength after the overall market correction in the beginning of this year.


Even though you may have missed your chance of buying some cryptos at their optimal time, don’t worry because there are tons of coins out there that are sure to climb in value in the near future. Like with all investments, crypto or otherwise, make sure you invest off of proper analysis rather than just a hunch or feeling.

A good example of such an undervalued currency is our CPAY token. Its current price is only $0.06. However, Cryptopay has many projects and many new products to release due out soon, including our new cards. We believe the token value will grow considerably, and this could be the best time to get your hands on them. In addition to the value of CPAY itself, all are entitled to a piece of our monthly revenue.

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*Note: this article is a personal opinion. Before making any investment decisions you should consult with a professional.