Earn 750 CPAY tokens for the most accurate Bitcoin forecast

To all Cryptopay followers and fans: we’re launching our newest contest, and you won’t want to miss it!

Bitcoin prophet

Be the best bitcoin prophet and make a quick profit.

Well, yeah, poetry is not our strong suit. But still, we have something to offer you.

What will Bitcoin’s value be on May 25th 12 PM (GMT)? Make the most accurate prediction on Bitcoin price and get a prize of 750 CPAY!

How to participate

  1. Get yourself an account with Cryptopay (if you still don’t have one).
  2. Follow our social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit.
  3. Find the correct post in your desired social media platform, repost it and leave your prediction in the appropriate thread.

No editing! Cheaters are not welcome, the edited comments will not be considered.

Your predictions will be compared against the price on Coinmarketcap.com.

All answers will be accepted until May 24th 12 PM (GMT). The winner will be announced the following Friday evening.

Try your luck at predicting the future and become the best Bitcoin prophet at Cryptopay!