February 2018 Revenue Report & Analysis

Welcome to the first report and analysis of Cryptopay’s monthly revenue. At the beginning of each month we will release a monthly report containing the figures of Cryptopay’s revenue for the past month, the 10% that is distributed to investors, the amount of revenue per 100 CPAY, and the date that we’ll distribute said revenue. The second part of the report will give an analysis as to why the numbers are what they are, and then provide a brief outlook for the near future.

The numbers:

Total revenue: 265,744 EUR

Revenue share: 26,574 EUR

Share per 100 CPAY: .03 EUR

Distribution date: March 5th, 2018


As you can see, February’s monthly revenue was significantly lower than that of January’s. There are a variety of reasons for this, and we’ll go through each one accordingly. The first, and most obvious reason is that we’re without a card program and February is the first full months without it, hence its influence on the monthly revenue is apparent.

With the absence of our card program, our B2B merchant processing became one of our primary sources of revenue. In the later part of January and early part of February our clients in this sphere decreased the volume of BTC transactions between them and their customers. Having said this, during the end of February the decline in B2B volume stopped and the indicators began to grow again, albeit at a slower rate than before.

It is also worth noting that streams of revenue such as our commissions on various transactions related to our wallets and buy bitcoins feature are directly correlated to the exchange rate and volatility of BTC — compared to January, the February market volatility settled down, and the exchange rates decreased hence the revenue for the aforementioned features decreased proportionally.

Future outlook

Our newer products (Buy BTC, Gift cards, LTC wallet) are still gaining traction and we can expect these to grow and reach the projected revenue volume in the coming months. As well as, the new card program, which is scheduled for implementation during Q2 2018, should trigger a revenue boost.

In the absence of any unexpected external shocks in the BTC network and crypto-community in general, we expect a steady growth of our revenue alongside the addition of new customers, the increased use of our existing services, and the release of new products.

You can monitor our progress in achieving the goals we’ve set by visiting our updated ICO website. There you’ll find a frequently updated roadmap with detailed descriptions of all working products as well as upcoming ones. Furthermore, our Telegram channel is the best place to get updates on the ICO and Cryptopay in general, in real time. Join it and voice all your questions and concerns!