July 2018 Revenue Report & Analysis

Our revenue report and analysis is here, and keeping with tradition we’re breaking down the past month’s revenue, while showing the entire amount, the 10% that is distributed to token holders, and the amount of revenue per 100 CPAY. As always, we’ll close this piece out with our outlook for the future.

The numbers

Total July 2018 revenue: € 132,486

July 2018 Revenue share: € 13,249

Share per 100 CPAY: € 0.01

Distribution date: August 4th, 2018


When looking at July’s revenue compared to June’s we’ve seen a significant drop off (by more than 30%). The primary reason for this downturn was a substantial decrease in business from one of our main B2B partners. As for the remaining revenue streams, they were virtually unchanged from June’s figures. Exchange operations have predictably exhibited growth proportionate to BTC’s price rally during the end of July. We expect our aforementioned B2B partner to return to their previous levels, but it is unclear as to when this will exactly happen. Regardless of their recovery, we’ve recently acquired three big partners and their integration should be finished this coming August. Taking everything into consideration, we expect our B2B revenue to at least return to the previous levels, if not higher, soon.

Future Outlook

Looking forward, our Russian card programme is in the final testing stage. Meaning, we’ve ordered and have begun testing the first batch of cards as well as fixing minor bugs and hiccups in the backend. The results of the pre-order look promising and so far about 2,000 people have signed up to get their Russian prepaid cards.

During the past few weeks, we’ve undertaken a new strategy to improve our “buy cryptocurrency with a debit or credit card feature.” After a thorough evaluation, we collectively came to a decision to change up the dynamics of this service. We identified that our terms (fees, limits, etc.) are some of the most friendly out there, and we came to the conclusion that some proactive and aggressive marketing is the last step to take for our target consumers to realise this. We’ll be releasing an updated version of this service very soon, so stay tuned.

ETH integration is imminent and technically speaking everything is ready, but we just need to do a few more things with our processing wallets, fine tune some security settings, and we’ll be ready to launch. After this, we’ll be on our way to ERC20 integration (good news for CPAY holders).

As for our EU and Singapore cards, our CEO has spent the last month travelling between London and Singapore to finalise this deal. Meetings with their (card issuers) executive boards went excellently and showed that our partners and we are moving in the right direction and we’ll keep the community informed of every bit of news we receive from our partners.