List of Known Bitcoin Scams: Beware of Fraudsters!

If it sounds too good to be true, then it surely is

Apart from perspective projects in the crypto space, there are tons of scam websites all over the web. As bitcoin is based on a relatively new technology, there are still too few experts in the area who can guide you on how to make real money. Scammers make use of people’s ignorance and steal their funds left and right.

The good news is that attentiveness and a tiny portion of common sense can be a good protection for anyone. Look out for such signs as unrealistically high profits, no clear explanation of the scheme, and little to no details about the project’s founders.

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Check this list of known bitcoin scams and make sure that you stay away from them.

Multiply your bitcoin investments at an astounding rate in just a day? Oh, come on! How could it be possible to provide such profits? Where’s the detailed business plan? Where’s the description of the process?

These guys give more details of their scheme, but still, it’s obviously a scam. The numbers they promise are too good to be true. Don’t send a penny to these thieves.

One of the brokerage scams that’s been publicly discussed lately. Better stay away and keep your funds safe.

These scammers have a well-designed website and even some convincing details of their business, like FAQ, the affiliate program and a support center. They offer you to invest your bitcoins into their forex trading platform and promise 60% profits per day. Let’s be honest, such big returns are impossible.

200% investment return with our 8 hours investment plan. Such unrealistic promises should make you wary from the start.

One more forex trader promising 50x returns in a day. They offer you to go to to see that they truly make all those transactions and “withdraw bitcoins to people”, but they leave no clue what to look for: no block hash, no address, nothing.

One more “trust management” company making fools of Bitcoin owners in a juicy packaging (no jokes, the website is really good-looking). These guys are more humble, they promise only 3% income per day. But still, there’s no clean and understandable strategy on how they manage to do so.

Yet another scam pretending to be a trading platform. It offers you to send your bitcoins to them for profitable trading, but there’s no explanation how the whole process works. The identity of the website’s owner is nowhere to be found, and there’s a good reason for this.

These scammers have even implemented a nifty calculator of potential profits you will never get if you send them $1 or $10,000. The profits are unbelievable, just like with any other scam project.

Another “trust management” ponzi scheme. They have a huge affiliate program which lets them stay afloat, but sooner or later it will sink along will all of your investments.

Another “professional management” service for your bitcoins. Fantastic profits, no details of the scheme in addition to all the other redflags to forewarn investors.

The list of scammers presented here is not exhaustive. Moreover, you can be sure that in a month or two, half of these websites won’t even exist. So always make your own research before investing your money into any project and pay specific attention to the signs of a scam. Be cautious and keep your crypto funds safe.

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