May 2018 Revenue Report & Analysis

Welcome to the fourth report and analysis of Cryptopay’s monthly revenue. At the beginning of each month we will release a monthly report containing the figures of Cryptopay’s revenue for the past month, the 10% that is distributed to investors, the amount of revenue per 100 CPAY, and the date that we’ll distribute said revenue. The second part of the report will give an analysis as to why the numbers are what they are, and then provide a brief outlook for the near future.

The numbers:

Total May 2018 revenue: € 261,613

May 2018 Revenue share: € 26,161

Share per 100 CPAY: € 0.03

Distribution date: June 5th, 2018


May 2018 was very much alike to the previous month for Cryptopay from a financial and business perspective, so this revenue report and analysis will unsurprisingly be in the same light as last month’s. We gradually made progress on the laid out milestones — implemented updates to the ICO webpage, published an interview with our CFO, and moved closer the launch of prepaid cards that will be available in the Russian Federation as well as the European and Asian cards. Concurrently, there was a substantial amount of work done internally to support our current products. While XRP was added to the Cryptopay wallet, this happened at the end of the month so the effect of this on the company’s revenue is going to be visible starting June 2018.

In relation the USD/BTC exchange rate in May it was practically a mirror image of that of April’s. Last month BTC’s value was growing with a monthly average figure of $8,205. In respects to May the overall rate fell and found a similar middle value of around $8,325. As a result of these factors we didn’t see any significant developments in Cryptopay’s volume of operations and earning — the increase from €213,819 to €261,613 in May happened primarily due to a small number of significant trades across a limited number of customers.

The structure of revenue streams and their shares in the total amount remained practically unchanged with a slight shift from B2B hegemony towards the operation of individual customers. Per our last revenue report we acquired a number of new B2B customers who are currently passing the KYC and integration processes at the moment. Specifically, we have 6 major companies in the pipeline that we met during the last corporate event Cryptopay took part in. We expect an approximate monthly revenue of about €5,000 from each of the aforementioned clients in July 2018 that will give a nice boost in the company’s operations.

Future Outlook

Take a look at this chart of Cryptopay’s revenue the past few months to identify the trend moving forward.

At the moment, the company is slowly but surely recovering from the previous drop down and the pace will persist until one of the following happens — prepaid cards are back or the cryptocurrencies start their rally towards new maximums. While the latter is out of our control we can definitely say that we’ve been working hard to finalise the former by the end of June 2018.