The Future of Cryptopay: Live Q&A Session with Blockchain Expert Eric Benz

Eric Benz at the Cryptofriends ICO Hypethon 2017

With over a decade of experience in financial services and payments solutions, Eric brings an invaluable perspective and expertise to Cryptopay’s management. He hopped on the blockchain wave in 2012, and since then Eric has served as either an investor or board director for a range of fintech and blockchain companies such as — ChangeTip (Payment Adviser), Bitreserve (Payment Adviser), ‘Credits’ (co-founder&CEO), UK Digital Currency Association (founding member), Veridu (Senior Business Adviser), BlockEx (Senior Adviser).

Having extensive experience as either a founder or adviser with some of the more exciting and innovative pay-tech solutions companies to date, it shouldn’t come as a shock that Eric found himself at one of the longest running financial service providers for digital currencies, Cryptopay.

Join our live Q&A session and ask your questions about the future of the digital economy, as well as Cryptopay’s aspirations and role in this challenging environment.