Which type of trader or investor are you based on these Chinese New Year animals?

On behalf of the team at Cryptopay we’d like to say Happy Chinese New Year! This year is the year of the pig, but have you ever wondered why each year is the year of an animal?

The Chinese new year is a beautiful tradition rooted in rich history. Legend has it that the Jade Emperor wanted animals to be a part of the calendar, so the first 12 animals that arrived at the palace were chosen.

The rat was one of the first to hear the news and was so eager it forgot to wake up its friend, the cat. On its way there, the rat met the ox, tiger, horse, snake, rabbit, and the rest. All of them were much faster than the poor rat.

However, the rat had a plan and convinced the ox to carry it on its back in exchange for singing melodies. Meanwhile, the cat rested at home unaware that today was the big day. At the palace, the ox and rat arrived first, but the snake managed to squeeze ahead of them!

Sadly, the cat came to the palace once the selection was over, which explains how the eternal hatred between the cat and the rat began.

How does this story relate to investing or trading? When it comes to trading the Yen, trading bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, some traders thrive better than others and in this rat race there are many different types of traders.

Based on their characteristics, we’ve described each type of trader based on the animals in this Chinese tradition. Which kind of trader are you?

Rat: You are an adaptable trader, quick-witted, and sociable. You are a great person to pair with an inexperienced trader, you are a natural leader.

Ox: You are a reliable trader, thorough, stable, and determined. You are known as the hardworking one.

Tiger: You are courageous, ambitious and confident. Tiger traders are the ones that trade big and risky without breaking a sweat.

Rabbit: You are modest, a caretaker and trustworthy. Rabbit traders know that success comes with work and not flash. They all have a great work ethic.

Dragon: You are lucky, flexible, and imaginative. Dragon traders seem to have everything going in their favour. Don’t underestimate them, though. They understand that luck only comes with proper analysis.

Snake: You show intuition, organisation, decisiveness and attention. If you are a snake trader, you can spot details that everyone else misses.

Horse: You are adventurous, strong, adaptable and loyal. Horse traders are the guys that go long when everyone is thinking short term.

Goat/Sheep: You are crafty, intuitive, and calm. Goat traders are the synonym of a gunslinger that doesn’t fear failure.

Monkey: You are smart, versatile, adaptable and bright. If you know a monkey trader, then you know someone who can discuss every stock under the sun.

Rooster: You are flexible, confident, diverse, and intelligent. Rooster traders are good at trading but don’t shy away from asking for help.

Dog: You are smart, diligent, lively, and social. Dog traders are great at understanding the now. The future is unpredictable, so the now is all that matters.

Pig: The last, but not least. The Pig Trader. You are determined, strong-willed, honourable, optimistic and sincere. If you ever see a Pig Trader running for the hills, run with them!

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