Introducing Cryptopedia

An educational platform for new users

Today we’re excited to announce Cryptopedia, an educational platform for new and existing cryptocurrency users. The Cryptopedia App offers news, educational material, real-time market data and portfolio tracking all in a clean and intuitive UI.

The first iteration of the Cryptopedia platform is out now on the App Store and Google Play.


We saw an abundance of users over the past year enter the space as speculators. Those that were extremely resourceful may have been able to successfully parse out some signal amongst the deafening noise but many retail investors were burned through a variety of “traps” from scammy pump and dump groups to week-old ‘thought leaders’.

With Cryptopedia, we want to be the first place new users come to when they want to learn about the space and continue to offer the tools and resources that keep them coming back. We believe the next group of consumer will seek out objective resources and deliberate

Get Started

To get started with Cryptopedia, check us out on iOS or Android. Our home page features recent price action on the top coins and news you should know about.

The Markets tab will give you more detailed information about coins including price action across multiple time frames, information about the projects, as well as some red flags we think you should know about. We also feature upcoming and ongoing ICOs along with information about their projects including hard/soft caps for their raise and projected road maps.

The Learn tab offers educational content about a wide variety of topics in video form in addition to an expanded version of our dictionary from our earlier Cryptionary app and a Categorical list of some of our favorite resources in the space.

Courses homepage, 51% attack dictionary term, Resources page

Looking Ahead

We’re building Cryptopedia with an eye on the long view, moving forward we know there are many features our users want. Our next steps will feature a community feature as well as more specific, in-house content creation.

Talk to Us!

If you’re excited about what we’re building or want to contribute content, please get in touch!

Reach out via email at or on Twitter @CryptopediaApp (DMs open)