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The Vision of CryptoPick NFTs

Hi Pickers, the team and I can’t express how excited we are about releasing this major milestone for CryptoPick.

Since the conception of CryptoPick back in February 2019, we decided that we would tokenize the skins at some point in time, but before doing that, we first wanted to build a working game with a community of players. Today over 25.000 players have joined the adventure, and it’s time to bring our skins to the next level. Like most games, we offer skins to personalize your avatar and show off. The next step is to tokenize these skins, add several in-game utilities to them, and most importantly, empower our community by building a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

What are CryptoPick skins?

Example of a players profile & inventory

CryptoPick players are represented by a username and an avatar. Their avatar consists of 3 parts: the pipe, the base, and the claws. Each part of your avatar can be customized by equipping a skin that matches that part. The skins are limited editions meaning there is a maximum amount of each skin that can be created, and they are only available for a short amount of time, after which they will never be sold again. The amount of times a skin can be created depends on its scarcity. Here are the 5 scarcities with their maximum supply:
• Common = 200
• Rare = 100
• Epic = 50
• Legendary = 10
• Mythic = 1

What do we mean by Tokenizing the skins?

In the future, buying a skin will not just be data associated with your account in our database anymore. You will receive an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) representing that skin in your wallet. You will become the sole owner of that skin, and you will be able to do whatever you want with it.

What is an NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token is a type of cryptographic token stored on the blockchain representing something unique. You have 100% ownership of your NFTs, and you can store them in a secure crypto wallet as you can do with other crypto tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum. NFTs can be collected, used in games, but you can also buy and sell them between each other. If NFTs are new to you, we strongly suggest watching this 2 min video introduction.

Why Tokenize our skins?

There are many different reasons why tokenizing our skins are important. Here are the most relevant:

  • Transfer ownership to the players: When a player used to buy a skin, it was data associated with that player in our database, meaning we had control over it. Now when a player buys a skin, a Token will be transferred to their wallet, meaning we have no control over it anymore, and the player can do with it whatever they want.
  • Make the skins tradable: It was impossible to exchange skins between players and collectors, but this changes as they become tokens and can be exchanged on NFT marketplaces like Venly Market and Opensea marketplace.
  • Create scarcity that can be trusted: Each Token representing a skin will only exist a limited amount of times, and the authenticity, scarcity, and ownership will be transparent and verifiable on the blockchain.
  • Generate another source of revenue for the players: Players can earn ETH by joining tournaments with their Pickies. Now they will also be able to purchase NFT skins and sell these to other players, collectors, or even investors.
  • Empower our community with a DAO: The success of CryptoPick is largely due to our amazing community. The feedback and suggestions given by our community have shaped how CryptoPick is evolving. Our goal is to empower our community even more by using a DAO where everyone who owns CryptoPick NFTs will be able to vote on what the future of CryptoPick will look like. If the community submits 2 different new game ideas, for example, which one should we develop first? A vote will be submitted to the DAO, and all players who own NFTs will have a saying in that vote depending on the amount of NFTs they own.

What can CryptoPick NFTs be used for?

  • Visual aspect: You can equip your skins to personalize your avatar and show off your unique claw parts everywhere in the game: Leaderboards, In-game chat, Profile, and more.
  • Collectibles: You can collect and exchange our limited edition skins with other players and collectors purely for fun, but there will also be a market behind our NFTs, opening many possibilities and opportunities.
  • In-game utility: You will get several in-game bonuses like gaining extra Pickies by simply playing the game, but they will also unlock exclusive content like special Tournaments with unique rewards. It is important to note that NFTs will never give an unfair advantage over players who don’t own NFTs in our games (no Pay to Win will ever exist).
  • DAO voting power: You will be able to vote on the future of CryptoPick by participating in our DAO. Your voting power will depend on the amount of CryptoPick NFTs you own.

How to tokenize your skins?

If you are amongst our early adopters, you might already own CryptoPick skins, which is great as you will be amongst the first to own CryptoPick NFTs. Tokenizing your skins will be child’s play. Simply go to your inventory and follow the steps to link a Matic wallet via Arkane to your CryptoPick account.

All skins that will be released in the future will be NFTs right off the bat, as it won’t be possible to purchase any NFT without first linking a Matic wallet to your account.

Step-by-step guides:
How to link your Matic wallet to your CryptoPick account
How to convert your non-NFT skins to NFTs

We are convinced NFTs will bring a completely new dimension to CryptoPick and can’t wait to see how this will evolve over the upcoming years.



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