CryptoPolice and Ties.db Partner Up To Stop Online Scams

Businesses switching from standard business model to blockchain architecture come in the market with big hopes and dreams. However, soon realises that creating this new model is more difficult than anticipated at the beginning.

The ideas are fantastic — reaching form social networks, to platforms that accelerate administrative capabilities or stock exchange. However, the problem stays. How can these businesses create well designed, maintained and decentralised database? We at CryptoPolice found the answer to this question by partnering up with Ties.db.

One of the main reasons why CryptoPolice and Ties.db decided to partner up is that both of our visions collide. Ties.db and CryptoPolice believes in healthy and stable community-based system where everyone has each other back. Ties.db Team accomplishes this goal by creating a Public network of nodes where anyone can join and contribute to the community. This network will not have a single trust center and a control center. Meaning that the data will be stored on different servers, yet used as a single piece of information.

CryptoPolice sees great value in this partnership because Ties.db platform can support our team to create further crypto related projects and not worry about database related issues. Having removed such an enormous burden from our Team allows us to keep doing what we already do and make internet and crypto community safer from scams.

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