CryptoPolice announcement #2 — CryptoPolice Academy and OfficerCoin Tokens (OFCR)

Jan 9, 2018 · 3 min read

Hello crypto community!

We are really glad to see you with us in the New Year! 2018 will be a significant year for our project as well as for the entire crypto community — this year the CryptoPolice platform will be released to unite the crypto community in the fight against scam! By combining our forces we will be able to make the crypto world a safer place for everyone!

Today we are sharing our results for the second time. Our previous update was not a long time ago — December 4th (more information here — -, but during this month our team managed to work efficiently and we hurry to inform you about all the important novelties!

The most important update is the launch of the first demo version of the CryptoPolice Academy. The team has done an outstanding job in order to show its combat readiness in the early stages of the project. The Academy is the core of the CryptoPolice platform’s Officer training process. At the moment the Academy is filled with demo materials for you to get acquainted with the CryptoPolice platform training system. The team is actively continuing to work on the platform and is currently preparing the first version of the multi-level verification algorithm that will be used to verify the content that officers created for training purposes in the Academy. This means that in the near future each of you will have the opportunity to take an active part in filling the Academy with knowledge and get rewarded for these actions. Thus, together we will create an initial knowledge base for the Officer training program. Subscribe to our platform and follow us in social media — that way you won’t miss any news and will have the opportunity to participate in the historic moment of our project.

Today we are also happy to present you the “energy” of the project — the OfficerCoin Token (OFCR). The crypto world provides a unique opportunity to create domestic economy for the projects and to issue domestic currency. Our project is not an exception — we are creating a huge ecosystem in which rewards carry an important role. The OfficerCoin Token (OFCR) will lead the remuneration system and will compensate users of the project adequately for the work done.

The total number of OfficerCoin Tokens (OFCR) is 1 billion. 35% of all tokens will be reserved for remuneration of users for the work done in the platform — search and verification of scams, verification of publications and crypto projects. 51% of all tokens are reserved for the token sale in order to raise funds for the development and support of the platform and also to create value to the token. 2% are reserved for the bounty program and 7% for the referral rewards for maintaining user activity during the token sale. These 7% include holder rewards of tokens after the token sale. By this we try to ensure the interest in keeping the tokens until the platform is opened. The remaining 5% is reserved for the team, partners and project advisors that will serve as a reward for the project development.

The final bit of news we would like to share today is the public opening of the project repository. Thus, we give the opportunity to monitor the development of the platform and give you insight of the work our team has done. Feel free to view our repository here —

Thank you for your attention and see you in the next announcement! The next public announcement is scheduled for February 15th. We are sure that together we can make the crypto world a safer place for everyone!


First community based decentralized police on blockchain.

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