CryptoPolice announcement #1 — "Early Bird" officers, support page and marketing activities

Dec 3, 2017 · 3 min read

The last six months passed in hard work in order to develop the project and today we’ll tell you about the current situation and all the novelties of the project as well as announce the subsequent goals.

At the moment, the project is in the stage of active development and preparation for the token sale. Today we are announcing the first part of our platform — the registration of “Early Bird” officers. The registration of “Early Bird” officers provides the opportunity to participate in the development of the project together with our team. “Early Bird” officers will be given the opportunity to test platform’s functionality, provide feedback and participate in the development of the system! At the moment the team is working on the development of the first section of the platform — “CryptoPolice Academy”. The Academy is the core of the Officer training process of CryptoPolice. “Early Bird” officers will be given the opportunity to dive into development and testing of CryptoPolice Academy’s functionality and, together with the team and partners, add knowledge to the Academy. Do not miss the unique opportunity and sign up right now —

The development of the CryptoPolice platform (and such sections as the Academy) requires not only technical knowledge in the field of crypto world but also specific skills in other areas (such as economy, law, trading, cyber security, crime science, etc.). This is the reason why at the moment, one of the main tasks for us is to work with partners and to develop cooperation with the community around the world. This way CryptoPolice increases the level of overall knowledge. In the near future, many new partners will join the project in order to help us make the cryptocurrency market a safer place for everyone. If you want to support our cause and free the market from scammers, join our partner network by sending us your application —

In order for our users to receive help we present the first version of the Support Center — The main purpose of the Support Center is to provide assistance to users during the token sale and to help our support team by providing answers to frequently asked questions. Further development of the Support Center will be related to the CryptoPolice’s functionality in order to help the users of the platform.

One of the most important announcement for the brand and recognizability of the CryptoPolice platform is the acquisition and relocation to the .com domain. Thus, the project has acquired a complete stack of leading domains — .com, .org, .net, .info, .eu,, .io. The next step in strengthening the brand protection. Currently our team is working on the registration of trademarks.

Our marketing team also prepared a press release and a press kit for the media in order to provide quality information and materials about the project for the community. In the near future the team will start the first marketing activities in order to popularize the project through various channels. At the moment, the team is working on different marketing campaigns that will present the importance of this project.

Already, you can see with their first creations — an explainer video, posted on our website and our YouTube channel. And in addition we would like to present you our internal reporter and video blogger — KAROLINA GAVRILOVA (Officer of marketing and communication) who will inform everyone about the main news of the project in the video format and will post insider information about the project.

In addition for a while we have been worked on the token sale. The development team currently is working on the creation of smart contracts and the participant identification system, which is basing on the principles of KYC. In the near future, we will put out the smart contract for public audit (Open Bug Bounty program), that way the audit of smart contracts will be carried out by dozens of specialists that will significantly increase protection. And also we are in the plans of providing participants the opportunity of token reservation.

The next announcement will be on January 10., 2018 in which we will present the details of the upcoming token sale. In the meantime, stay tuned, follow us on our social media and wait for more news.

Our Press Kit —


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