CryptoPolice partners with the Information Technology Institute of Riga Technical University

In order to provide the best possible product, protect the community at the highest level, and eliminate all risks of corruption and fraud within the CryptoPolice platform, we have partnered with the Information Technology Institute of Riga Technical University. This is the largest and academically strongest university level information technology institution in Latvia and has strong academic traditions: it prepares professionals with vocational higher education and conducts research in the field of information technology.

The Information Technology Institute of Riga Technical University (ITI) carries out research in the fields of enterprise integration, business process optimization, data analysis, and system simulation. These projects are often done in partnership with businesses. The possibilities of digitalizing documents were studied in partnership with Accenture Latvia, the automatic vehicle routing problem was simulated and planned in partnership with PwC, and the adaptation of complex systems to user needs was studied in partnership with ZZ Dats. Within the European Union framework projects, mathematical optimization models are also being developed for foreign companies such as SIV (Germany) and Everis (Spain). The results of the Institute’s research are regularly presented at major international modeling conferences such as the Winter Simulation Conference and the European Conference of Simulation Modeling and are published in internationally recognized scientific publications.

In order for us to build a sustainable system where all decisions are made through a multi-level verification algorithm, our team needs the support of scientists with profound knowledge in information technology and extended experience in building multi-level verification systems. Today we are proud to announce that Professor Jānis Grabis and the Information Technology Institute of Riga Technical University are going to support CryptoPolice in the simulation and development of a multi-level verification algorithm and implementation of Artificial Intelligence.

Our mission is to bring together community and technology in order to safeguard online users against fraud. To accomplish this, we first need to provide a secure system that is protected from corruption.

As professor Jānis Grabis states:

“Simulation allows CryptoPolice to create a digital twin of its fraud detection system, which in parallel with the real system allows them to evaluate its performance in different situations. The CryptoPolice model allows them to evaluate optimal system performance and identify risks. This ensures the development and operation of a secure and reliable system.”

We are extremely excited to be working together with the Information Technology Institute of Riga Technical University and professor Jānis Grabis, and we hope all of you are excited to start to withstand online fraud using the tools we will provide you with, in the near future.

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