Enter the safe cryptocurrency world

Recent gain in popularity and value of cryptocurrencies has attracted undesirable elements to this flourishing market, which creates the need for efficient and timely protection. CryptoPolice, a platform dedicated to help bring together community and technology in order to safeguard online users against fraud. The aim of CryptoPolice is to develop products that assure effective protection of users against online fraud and scam. While the platform is non-governmental, it is open for collaboration with enterprises that wish to societal issues through correct implementation of modern technology.

The importance of blockchain technology
The main tool of CrytoPolice is the blockchain technology. It ensures the highest rate of safety, scam prevention and corruption elimination in the field, and its dedication to further improvements pictures a bright future for all involved. The blockchain also ensures the validity of the information given and processed. The platform focuses on taking swift action against scam in the market of cryptocurrencies by developing and improving safe tools for their clients. Its focus on interaction with society is aimed specifically to decrease any potential damage. Its decentralised algorithm of multi-level verification allows for objective scam identification and quick decision-making. The algorithm itself is designed to verify the information by going through a complex verification process of three CryptoPolice approved Officers. Such process not only eliminates the potential for corruption within the verification itself, but also provides a high-level of fairness from the Officers of the assigned task. To make CryptoPolice more accessible, all users have access to the results of the finished work.

Stay informed at all times
CryptoPolice is also home to a unique system called WatchDog that informs its clients on suspicious objects and activities while conducting business. In layman’s terms, the WatchDog can be likened to an anti-virus. For further protection the platform provides its ICO project owners special contracts that ensure equality between investors and owners.

One of the main goals of CryptoPolice is to ensure an active community by offering a chance to not only participate in the process of creating a safe environment for cryptocurrencies, but also earn rewards based on performance of users. The rewards are designed to encourage the users not only to participate in the community, but also to submit information regarding activities of sensitive nature. The community itself is divided into two parts — one consists of users that provide information, while the other consists of users that verify provided information.

Importance of CryptoPolice
The emergence of CryptoPolice is evaluated not just by the necessity of solving topical issues related to frauds in the cryptocurrency market, but also to the blockchain technology that motivates implementation of different projects in the way it can be as useful to the society as possible. CryptoPolice implements its own independent internal economics, which creates conditions for efficient implementation of the CryptoPolice business model and for conducting business aimed at gaining profit.

Learn more about CryptoPolice https://www.cryptopolice.com/

CryptoPolice whitepaper — https://www.cryptopolice.com/CryptoPolice_whitepaper.pdf