Meet the legal partners of CryptoPolice — NJORD Law Firm

Let’s agree — you can’t imagine a successful business without a strong and passionate team and an impactful idea. However, it’s important to remember that a company isn’t complete without the support and guidance of experienced lawyers. Here at CryptoPolice, we spent quite some time deciding upon the most suitable law partners for our company.

After a successful cooperation during the past six months, we are finally happy to present to you our legal partners: NJORD Law Firm. NJORD Law Firm is a leading full-service law firm with a strong presence in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Area: they have offices in Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia. Their 200+ professionals provide legal services within all legal areas to the Scandinavian countries, the Baltic states, and Germany.

NJORD Law Firm understands how blockchain technology works and closely follows what is happening in this domain in different sectors, particularly in the financial sector. Their lawyers have extensive experience in identifying and managing the legal risks that may arise from innovative technologies or business models, and with the support of their experts, Veikko Toomere, Anne Veerpalu, and Nikolay Demchuk, they assist CryptoPolice with identifying legal risks and understanding the legal boundaries our technology must operate within.

Together with NJORD Law Firm, we have already achieved a great deal, and their support for our company during this time had been immense. With their help, we have received two licenses — one for providing a virtual currency wallet service, and the other for providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency. They have provided us with whitepaper analysis and legal opinion on the status of our token, and we receive ongoing tax support from them. Most importantly, they developed our Rules of Procedure to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, to ensure we have an efficient KYC process.

We believe that our cooperation will keep developing and that their involvement will help us reach all the goals we have set.

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