Monthly announcement — Bounty campaign, Airdrop and new sections of CryptoPolice platform

Feb 14, 2018 · 4 min read

We are happy to announce that on May 15, 2018, CryptoPolice will start its Public Pre-Sale and today we are opening the whitelist registration for the upcoming Token Sale. Read full article here:

We present a new announcement from CryptoPolice project. We are working hard to roll out our project and wish to share with you most important stuff about our journey. Learn more from our previous announcement here —

First, we want to tell you about the repackaging of CryptoPolice project. Recently, our team grew to include a number of high-potential experts. We took a deep search to locate the best partners and advisors. Working side by side with them, we grow our project every day. We recently took a major decisions, pivoting our project towards essential “elements” of the CryptoPolice project. We strive to help community see what we can do and what capabilities we bring with us. That’s why we upgraded our communications strategy (website, White Paper and socials) to strengthen our drive under the “WatchDog”, which is the core product that will help deliver on our commitments — protecting community against scam and fraud. CryptoPolice is always on the lookout!

WatchDog is also the main pillar, underpinning the underlying business model at CryptoPolice. The monetization model, driven by WatchDog, enables a back flow of tokens that are used to replenish reserves and pay rewards to community. The revamped communications strategy highlights the sustainable product at the core that is capable to deliver long-term viability.

We also managed to upgrade a current version of the CryptoPolice platform. The team has continued to develop the CryptoPolice Academy which will be the main driver under the training program for Officers, while also working on several other sections at the platform.
Right now, the token sale section is the priority for us. Here, we rolled out the function to buy OfficerCoin token and verify buyer’s identity, fully complying with KYC and AML rules relevant for large-ticket purchases. In the near future, the White List will be kicked off, enabling users to undergo the early registration. Subsequently, we will enable buyers to reserve tokens before the token sale has started.

To drive interest and grow community, CryptoPolice is set on kicking off a bounty campaign. The team worked hard to develop a streamlined and effective bounty campaign, choosing to roll out on the native system in order to control all facets. The special section was deployed that will enable smooth campaigning. In this way, we will deliver the convenience and ease for bounty hunters, providing all the information they need at the same place. We automated the system as much as possible, enabling to cut down the time that bounty hunters spend here. Soon we will unveil the press release on the bounty campaign, so stay tuned!

Today, CryptoPolice is also announcing the airdrops that we plan to do. The airdrops will help the team raise awareness across the cryptocommunity on the arrival of a new force to fight scam. The first airdrop will focus on the victims who were recently deceived by scammers. Doing this, we want to show that we want to help victims from the very start, using any tools and methods that we have. The second airdrop will target the early audience of CryptoPolice. We will also make a smaller airdrop for all platform members, showing our gratitude for their faith in our team and project.

In a short while, we will announce the details about the airdrop releases. We also plan to unveil two other sections at the platform in the near future: Scam Alert and Community sections. Both sections will serve to drive collaboration with the community at the early stages of the project. Follow us here to learn about the roll out.

Also, the legal team has worked hard to assure compliance. The company behind CryptoPolice obtained two licenses, entitling it to carry out cryptocurrency trade and exchange transactions in order to deliver smooth token sale and follow-up in-platform operations. We make sure that we comply with all standards and laws, thus building the sustainable foundation for safe and continuous operations of our platform.

Thanks for reading. Make sure that you follow us and learn about our future wins.


First community based decentralized police on blockchain.


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CryptoPolice is a platform that helps bring together community and technology in order to safeguard online users against fraud.


First community based decentralized police on blockchain.

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