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Big One for Crypto Investors, WINSSHI Coin Promises Massive ROI

As WINSSHI a decentralized gaming platform plans its way out of the ICO phase, a huge bounty is coming for all the crypto investors who might take the chance. The platform may experience a triple swing in the token price as it starts trading from February 15.


WINSSHI is built on the Ethereum blockchain platform, it offers a suite of smart contracts and restful APIs, providing the game developers and the players an experience better than the traditional gaming experience. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain to create a gaming environment transparent and able to integrate with any kind of game including those not built on the blockchain.

The platform is powered by a native ERC 20 token, “WIN Token or WNS.” The token serves as a foundation for in-game purchases and enables the players to earn WNS while playing games.

WINSSHI aims to develop a more stable and robust gaming platform that can replace traditional gaming platforms or integrate with it in a modern and efficient manner. Its objective is to decentralize the gaming industry and enable players to earn much money as well as developers.

About WINSSHI Coin “WNS”

WINSSHI is introducing blockchain into the gaming industry to reduce fraud and bring in transparency and accountability. All users on the WINSSHI platform will be able to use its native token, WNS.

WNS has a total supply of 1, 000, 000, 000, decimal 18, at 0.01 USD for 1 WNS.

Why You Should Invest in WNS

WINSSHI plans to eradicate the bottlenecks in the traditional gaming system by introducing a unique and decentralized gaming platform. Its database is secured, cannot be hacked from anywhere in the globe.

Project Viability

Back in 2019, a statistical report shows the gaming industry is worth $151.55 billion, according to forecast, it will grow by 9.17% from 2020–2025. The video game was estimated to be worth $90 billion by the end of 2020. If the market grows at the rate of 2.29%, there will be an expected market volume of $100.56 billion by 2024. Players will spend $4.5 billion on VR gaming.

Statistics show players find it more interesting to play virtual games, such as those supported by WINS. WINSSHI Coin will appreciate tremendously as more games are played on the platform powered by WNS.

Project Profitability

WINSSHI project promises over 300% return on investment in the short run. Token will be traded on various crypto exchanges at $0.05 — $0.08 immediately after the ICO phase on February 15th. WINS will be developing various high-quality games and listing on gaming platforms like Google Play Store, iOS store, Xbox, PS-4. Other sources of income include;

1. In-App purchases,

2. ADs income from other games listed on WINSSHI platform.

3. ADs revenue from Google, Facebook, etc, as we list our games in the Google Play Store and other android and iOS stores.

Why You Should Take Action Now

Now is the best time to invest in WNS and enjoy this bonus

Purchase 10,000,00 WNS (10K USD ) then get 30% extra WNS Coins.

Purchase 3,000,00 WNS (3K USD ) then get 20% extra WNS Coins.

10k US dollar worth WNS will be worth more than 50k in just a few days

5k US dollar WNS will be worth more than 25k in just a few days.

High return on investment in just a few days.

Act now while this offer lasts! Want to know more about WINSSHI, go here



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