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4 Practical Ways to Make Money on Cryptorize in 2021

Buy and Hold

Buying and holding crypto currencies is one of the simplest and hassle free strategies for newbies and experienced owners.

Holding strategy simply involves buying crypto and hoping that the price goes up in the future regardless of how long it may take.

This strategy is called HODLING. The word HODL was adopted as a result of an early typo on a foremost Bitcoin forum. It eventually was translated to mean: HOLD ON for DEAR LIFE.

HODLERs usually hold crypto anywhere from weeks, months to years. This is a LONG term strategy.


Mr. Abraham signs up on Cryptorize with the intention to HODL crypto. He decides to buy Bitcoin (BTC) which at the time the price is N18,120,000.00 for 1 BTC. He funds his BTC wallet with N100k worth of BTC ( apprx. 0.005518763796909 BTC).

2 weeks later BTC had appreciated by 10% to N19,932,000.00. This means his 0.005518763796909 BTC funds in his wallet is now worth N110,000.00.

Mr. Abraham may decide to withdraw back to Naira and receive N110,000.00, a 10% profit.

Note: We recommend cold storage wallets when HODLING. This is the safest way of keeping your crypto currency for long periods.

You can visit or to create a cold wallet.

Difficulty Level: Easy
Speed of return: Slow
Potential Gain: High


Trading is a short term strategy when compared to HODLING. Trading essentially involves leveraging the volatile nature of crypto currencies. That is, taking advantage of the frequent changes in the price of a crypto currency.

This strategy requires practice and knowledge of the different crypto markets. So we recommend you do some history and homework before going into trading.

There 2 ways you can trade crypto on Cryptorize:

Day Trading

This is the shortest term strategy of all. Day traders do not hold open positions overnight. All trades are completed before the next day.

Day trading simply involves small and quick profits from the fluctuating price. At the end of the day, traders may have made remarkable profits from the individual small trades during the day.

Swing Trading

This strategy falls between HODLING and Day Trading. It spans a longer period than day trading but less than HODLING.

Swing traders look for opportunities in the market when the price is about to swing in the opposite direction. It can be a Bull opportunity or a Bear opportunity.

For a bull opportunity, they watch the market as the price of a crypto crashes looking for the moment the crypto recovers.
At this point, the crypto will enter a bull direction and the price starts to climb. Once this is spotted by a swing trader, they immediately buy the crypto and ride the bull watching out for the next swing where the sell immediately as the price starts to fall into a bear.

Trading on Cryptorize can be done between Crypto-Fiat (Naira) or Crypto - Crypto (BTC-LTC).

Crypto - Crypto Trading: Users can simply convert their crypto to another crypto (usually one that the price is not falling) and hold till the market swings, where they convert back.

Crypto - Fiat: Users can simply sell (withdraw) their funds back to Naira, and buy back crypto when a swing occurs.

Difficulty Level: Medium
Speed of return: Fast
Potential Gain: Medium


The above methods involve some degree of attention and engagement from users, however, stashing is a passive way of making money on Cryptorize.

Stashing is HODLING on steroids. You do not only gain when the price appreciates, you also earn 2.5% interest on every deposit within a 30 day interest cycle.

You can save weekly, monthly or twice a month to your stash. Deposits can be as little as N500.

There are no withdrawal restrictions, you can withdraw whenever you wish, it’s your money after all.

Note: 2.5% interest is not recurring. It is paid once on all deposits made within the current 30 day interest cycle. You do not earn interest if you do not make a deposit.

This is to encourage users to build the habit of saving regularly.

Difficulty Level: Easy
Speed of return: Slow
Potential Gain: High

Referrals — Monetize your friendship

You can also earn passively by referring your family and friends to use Cryptorize. You get paid instantly in crypto across all your wallets.

How does it work?

  1. Share your invite code with friends
  2. Your friend signups and applies your invite code
  3. You both receive N500 worth of crypto instantly into all your wallets when your friend makes a total purchase N5000 worth of crypto.
  4. Repeat this process with many more friends and watch as your crypto wallet balances grow.

Difficulty Level: Easy
Speed of return: Fast
Potential Gain: Medium



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