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Save with Stash — Earn 2.5% interest

If you are reading this, you are most likely aware of the need to start a savings plan whether small or extensive.

As the Naira weakens against hard-currencies, the pressure to hedge your little earnings somewhere it wouldn’t lose its value becomes more apparent.

With Stash, you simply convert your Naira to #Bitcoin or #Litecoin and save it for at least 30 days. You will receive 2.5% interest once on whatever you save within the 30 day interest cycle.

How to save with Stash

Ready to start saving? Here’s how:

  1. Select a crypto currency to save in. #Bitcoin and #Litecoin available at the moment. More coming soon.

2. Choose a reason for saving. You could save for reasons like house rent, Education, Health etc.

3. Give your stash a cool name.

4. Set an amount you would like to save into your stash regularly. This will be automatically debited from your bank card and sent to your stash.

5. Next, set how frequently you will like to save money to your stash. This will determine when we debit card and credit your stash.

Auto Deposit Frequency

6. Awesome, you’ve created a stash. Now all that’s left is to make your first deposit to activate your savings.

Your stash has been created. Deposit to activate it.

7. Complete your first deposit to get rolling. Our payments are processed securely via Paystack.

Make your first deposit.

8. Keep track of your stash anytime. You can make direct deposits whenever as well as withdraw funds. No restrictions.

Deposits can be made to your stash’s unique crypto address or via debit card. Withdraws can be made to your bank account or a crypto address.

Keep track of your stash

Visit our website to get started:



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