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Say hello to Cryptorize: Take full control of your cryptocurrencies. Be your own wallet!

Say hello to Cryptorize; a digital cryptocurrency platform that gives you full control over your cryptocurrency portfolio. We simplify your everyday #crypto transactions in one app.

Manage your crypto securely and conveniently. Be your own wallet!

What is Cryptorize?

We are big on the original ideology behind cryptocurrency; that is; a de-centralized, anonymous and transparent global digital currency. The world is fast adopting blockchain cryptocurrencies as a better means of transacting and securing financial assets.

Our mission is to give everyone a personal tool to transact using any cryptocurrency without reliance on wallet or trading platforms currently existing. Think of us as your regular physical wallet but enabled for your crypto activities.

Send & receive crypto into any Nigerian bank account!
Cryptorize any Nigerian bank account. Receive funds instantly!

So what can Cryptorize do?

With Cryptorize, at the very least you can do the following:

  1. Buy cryptocurrencies: Conveniently buy crypto into any address of your choice. This maybe addresses of other wallet/exchange platforms or any cold wallet storage address.
  2. Send & receive crypto into any Nigerian bank account: You can send money to loved ones back home using #bitcoin, #litecoin, #ethereum and #bitcoincash (more coming soon) and they receive it in Naira in their bank accounts instantly. This is a great choice over traditional money remittance because it’s faster, cheaper and requires little overheads.
  3. Save smarter in cryptocurrencies: As the Naira and other African currencies depreciate in value (unfortunately), cryptocurrencies on the other hand are appreciating. You can start saving your Naira in cryptocurrencies and watch as your funds grow as crypto appreciates. What’s more, you earn 2.5% interest on every deposit to your stash once after 30 days.
  4. Spend securely: Are you a savvy crypto user? Then you will understand the importance of maintaining a cold wallet. However, performing transactions from your cold wallet can be very technically challenging; with Cryptorize, you can sweep funds to/from your cold wallet with ease and most importantly securely.
Stash in crypto, earn 2.5% on every deposit.

So why use Cryptorize?

  1. Very compelling real-time exchange rates: Get the best value for your transactions period!
  2. Flat Fees, no percentages: We charge next to nothing for your transactions. You probably won’t even notice it.
  3. Real-time value: We promise instant value on your transactions. You receive your funds within minutes, be it in a bank account or in crypto!
  4. Excellent support: We are always here for you. Need help? Just message us via your preferred channel. We are on social media, telegram and whatsapp.
Share your unique receive link with anyone to request money.

Now that you’ve gotten the idea, get started on Cryptorize, visit our website to download the app. Available on Google Play Store, iOS App Store coming soon.

You can get in touch with us via Telegram, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram.

Take control, be your own wallet! Visit



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