Caesar Triumph! Daily tournaments for the people!


The gods have delivered. And by gods, I mean one god. Me. Your Caesar!

Hail Caesar, baby!

The CryptoRome Launch 2.0 has finally come! This Thursday, players can produce resources, improve their lands and make some coin — real coin of course. Players can buy and sell resources produced on villages in the brand new Trajan’s Market! You’ll also be able to build new structures on your lands — bakeries, wineries, blacksmiths and barracks. The opportunities are endless. There is no one path to glory when it comes to economic success in CryptoRome.

As the fires of industry burn, the Battle for Sicily is being put on a brief hiatus until the full battle game integrations are complete. My people are tirelessly working on this and Caesar is an unforgiving boss. But fear not! In its place, we will hold a daily Caesar Triumph Tournament to find out who is the army commander with the most strategic chops. And they start on Monday, December 17! The battles officially kick off on Monday but the arena will be open starting on Thursday if you want to play around and get a feel for the new environment.

Caesar has heard the bickering. Let’s settle this in battle, shall we? Each day, players will compete in a daily battle game — ALL PLAYERS. ONE ARENA. The playing field will be even(ish).

Every competitor will receive 5,000 troops every 12 hours (capped at 5,000).

Now, there are just a couple of ways to earn an extra advantage in the tournaments. Caesar is a notorious finder of loopholes.

  1. Bring your allies: All Centurions can be used in battle. If you own Centurions, let them loose! If you don’t own a Centurion, go get one! Do you have horses in your cavalry? Bury your enemies with hooves of fury. If you’re looking for a real force to add to your lineup, a true compadre that will take down enemies with reckless abandon, pick yourself up a War Horse and go true beast mode.
  2. Wine: All of the wine from the “old” game is transported to the new battle magically by the gods (again, me). In addition, you’ll be able to send packs of 500 wine from your resources page into battle as you produce wine in the new CryptoRome economy.

Other than that, it’s pretty even. This opens the door for players to prove who has the greatest military mind. Massive bragging rights are at stake…and prizes!

Each day, players will compete for prizes of resources, goods packs and more. Win and sell those goods in Trajan’s Market or use them to on your villages. The prizes will change on the reg so be on the lookout. Some days will be more valuable than others!

These daily prizes are great, but Caesar wonders who can earn the greatest prize of all — my respect.

Your man*,


*not really. Stop texting me.