CryptoRome Developer Update — November 6, 2018

Trajan’s Market! Grand Opening on November 14! It’s almost here!

A subtle window sign for a HUGE event!

We’re thrilled to announce that the Trajan’s Market Release is set to go in CryptoRome on November 14. The huge updates in this release include:

  1. Village resource production
  2. Land improvements: Add barracks, bakeries, wineries and blacksmiths
  3. Industry: New goods production and resource uses
  4. Trajan’s Market Grand Opening: Buy and sell resources
  5. Village / Town / City Compose and Decompose Feature
  6. Denari packs: now on sale

Other important news related with this release:

  1. Pax Romana: Temporary 3-week pause on the battle game
  2. Barracks Transfers from the Battle for Sicily
  3. Vineyard mini-game shut down and transfers

Details below!

Present day Trajan’s Market. Back in CryptoRoman times, this place was hopping.

1. Village Resource Production
Villages will now produce the resources found on the land in real-time (noted by the icons on the card)!

Players can upgrade their resource production with denari. The cost to upgrade (i.e. produce more) is dependent on the value of the resource. So, for example, it will cost more denari to upgrade the production of marble than to upgrade the production of wood.

Once the markets are open, we understand that scarcity does not necessarily equal value. Our goal with the launch is to set up as balanced an economy as possible. Of course, economies can have a mind of their own once left to the designs of the people. We actually think this will be a fun part of the game and are excited to see how the markets play out! Time and the markets will tell whether it makes economic sense to upgrade your resource production.

2. Land improvements: Place barracks, bakeries, wineries and blacksmiths
A village has six slots available for players to develop. Four slots come occupied — three contain resources and one contains a barracks. Players can place new buildings on a village in order to produce new items in the game.

Players can level up the production capacity of these buildings with different building materials (Wood, Stone, Clay and Marble).

3. Industry: New resource uses and goods production
Each resource brings advantages to the game, with new advantages being added as the game develops. We reviewed these use cases in our last post.

4. Trajan’s Market Grand Opening! Buy and sell resources
This is the major development and what landholders have been waiting for! In Trajan’s Market, you’ll be able to buy and sell resources. This is a dynamic, self-regulating market where prices fluctuate with each transaction. Monitoring the marketplace and increasing or slowing production to capitalize on prices will be an integral part of advancing in the game.

5. Village → Town → City Compose Feature
Through the power of the ERC-998 tokens we’ve implemented in CryptoRome, players can convert three Villages into a Town and gain an increase in resource production on those Villages. Players can also convert three Towns into a City and gain an additional increase in resource production.

6. Denari packs: now on sale
By popular request, packs of denari will go on sale. You’ll be able to find these in Trajan’s Market. You will have the option to purchase denari using ETH, a credit card or through exchanging resources.

Other Important News

1. Pax Romana: Battle Game Temporary 3-week pause
Resource production will have significant impacts throughout CryptoRome, especially in battle. In order to make these integrations, the battle game will temporarily be suspended starting November 14 and will resume on December 5. Consider this a (brief) time of peace as industry picks up in CryptoRome.

More updates to come on the changes in the battle game. Some integrations will include:

  • No barracks limits: Use troops from all barracks found in your villages
  • Send resources to the battlefield: Build walls with resources (wood, stone or iron)
  • Use Swords in battle: gain an extra advantage when you arm your soldiers with swords
  • Remove 5 bottle of wine cap: Wine can be used up to the troop count on the card
  • New arena settings to account for new troop limits

2. Barracks Transfers from the Battle for Sicily
Each barracks currently in the Battle for Sicily can be transferred to the village of the player’s choice. Players will have the opportunity to designate which villages to place the barracks after November 14.

3. Vineyard Mini-Game Shut Down and Winery transfers
The Vineyard mini-game will shut down on November 13. Any grapes from the mini-game will need to be converted into wine by this date. All wine not sold in the mini-game will automatically appear in your battle inventory. Anyone with wineries in the mini-game will receive transfer credits to place a winery on one of their villages at no cost. Players will have the opportunity to designate which villages to place the wineries after November 14.

Additional questions? Hop on over to Discord and join the conversation!