CryptoRome Launch 2.0: A little housekeeping

As we prepare for CryptoRome Launch 2.0 on this upcoming Thursday, December 13, we wanted to provide a few details for the hundreds of players who have already entered CryptoRome.

Put simply, CryptoRome is undergoing many changes. We’ve been highlighting these details in several other posts. This post is here to answer the question: “What’s going to happen to all my stuff?”

Let’s go!

What’s going to happen with my barracks?

If you played Battle for Sicily mini-game, you had the ability to upgrade up to 5 barracks. Players will receive a credit for each of these barracks. For example, if you have a Level 3 barracks in the Battle for Sicily, you will receive a credit for a Level 3 barracks that you can place on one of your villages. These credits will not be available starting on Thursday but will be distributed before the next release of the battle game when players can bring their full armies into battle. More to come here.

What’s going to happen with my wine?

The Wine Market mini-game will shut down on Wednesday, December 12. All of your existing wine will be kept in the battle game. You will not be able to sell any wine made before Thursday in Trajan’s Market. If you are looking to buy or sell wine in the current Wine Market, do so before then! After Thursday, all wine production will happen on villages. Any wine remaining in cellars will be added to the player’s battle game inventory. We will begin transporting wine after Thursday’s launch and will notify players when this transfer is complete.

What’s going to happen with my wineries?

The Vineyard mini-game will also shut down on Wednesday, December 12. All vineyards from the mini-game will cease to exist after Wednesday. Any unused grapes will be lost. If you built a winery in the mini-game, you’ll receive a credit to build a winery at no cost on one of your villages (one credit per winery built). These credits will not be available with Thursday’s release. All players with wineries will be contacted by the CryptoRome team on next steps.

What about me?

What’s going to happen with my Centurions?

Centurion training will be on hold until a future release when all integrations with the battle game are made. Players will still be able to view and sell their centurions from their Assets page. With the next release for Centurions, we will introduce new opportunities to gain XP and a revised upgrade schedule.

That’s it! If you have any questions regarding anything here or anything else really, just head on over to Discord.