CryptoRome Update —2/20/19

The updates keep coming fast and furious in CryptoRome! We have some game changing updates that will be a crazy amount of fun. Plus, it should stoke the fires of industry to support the increased demand for resources and goods. Opportunity abound in CryptoRome!

The next release is scheduled for tomorrow, February 21, 2019!

Here’s what you can expect:

New Battle Menu Bar

Sure, this one is a bit of a superficial update but who doesn’t want to improve their looks from time to time? Beyond appearances, our new battle menu bar brings all of the information needed to succeed in battle together in one simple to follow place.

And, in case you were wondering what you’re looking at…

What do you think? We’re loving this new look. We’ll continue to make updates throughout the battle game and the game in general to make for a better and more pleasant player experience. If you like it, give us a clap on this post!

Swordsmen in Battles

Equip a soldier with a sword and swing down the enemy! One swordsman is the equivalent of 10 troops. To equip soldiers with a sword, use the Advanced Attack button.

New uses for resources in battles

Fish and Bread will boost a player’s max troops by 30% for 24 hours. This increases the daily cap. Cost varies by battlefield:

  • Battlefield I: 5 fish or bread
  • Battlefield II: 25 fish or bread
  • Battlefield III: 100 fish or bread

Horses will DOUBLE the troop production rate for one hour. Cost varies by battlefield:

  • Battlefield I: 5 horses
  • Battlefield II: 25 horses
  • Battlefield III: 100 horses

To increase troop production rate and the max troops, click the ‘+’.

Who wants more troops?

Walls: Same great quality for a new low price

We’ve lowered the price of walls in Battlefields I and II. All three wall types — wood, stone and fortified (iron) — will remain a consistent price across all three battlefields.

  • Battleground I: 3 of the resource on all cards
  • Battleground II: 10 of the resource on all cards
  • Battleground III: 45 of the resource on all cards

Daily rewards automation

This means no more waiting until Monday or Thursday to get your rewards! Here’s how it works: when you open your daily treasure chest, any denari winnings from the previous day’s battle will appear with the daily reward of 10. If you go a few days without opening the chest, no problem! Your reward will include all battle denari won since the last time you opened the chest. Any resources won in battle will be made available in the battle inventory at start of the new day.

Looks like Caesar picked up an extra 8 denari from battles yesterday!

New rewards in Battlefield I

Rewards will change daily in Battlefield I to give players different types of rewards that can be used in battles — like bread, horses, swords, iron and more! This gives new players a chance to win different types of prizes and use them in battles.

That’s it for now! Let us know what you think. Come join us in Discord and get in on the fun.

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