Developer Update: 1/21/19

A brief update on the next release scheduled for Thursday, January 24.

With this update, get all of the walls with none of the shutdown.

We’re excited to announce the following new features in CryptoRome that will be included in the next release.

The return of walls in battle — now consuming resources.

Walls have made their way back into battle. For those playing CryptoRome for some time, this should sound familiar but with a twist. We’ll feature three wall types in battle that will consume resources from a player’s battle inventory.

  • Wood is used to build STICK walls (5% added defense)
  • Stone is used to build STONE walls (15% added defense)
  • Iron is used to build FORTIFIED walls (30% added defense)

The resources required to build these walls will increase with the value of the card held. For example, a fortified wall on Card 2 will require less iron than a fortified wall on Card 30.

Walls can do some damage. All walls will gain strength the longer you consecutively hold the card. Walls increase in levels and gain 3% strength every 10 minutes.

Attacking players will only know that a wall has been placed on the card, but will not know the type or level of the wall.

Here’s an example: Caesar takes Card 23 with 100 troops. He places a Stick Wall on the card as soon as he takes the card. Level 1 stick walls decrease attacker troop counts by 5% of your defending troops. Caesar holds the card for 20 minutes. The wall is now Level 3 and the leveled up benefit is a 11% attacker disadvantage. Anyone who tries to attack Caesar will lose 11 troops immediately (they never got past the wall!). [i.e. 11% * 100 troops = 11 attacker troops lost]

Centurion Training is back!

We are introducing a brand new training area for Centurions along with new opportunities to gain XP as the Centurion is leveled up. Each new training area consumes different resources or items found in CryptoRome.

Level 1 unlocks Military Rations: Give Wine, Bread or Fish to your Centurion to gain XP.

Level 6 unlocks Dexterity Training: Get added skill using Clay

Level 8 unlocks Strength Training: Pump some Iron

Level 10 unlocks Sword Training: Get your Centurion ready for battle with Swords

Level 12 unlocks Payday: Give Marble to your Centurion to keep him well paid and happy

Note: Resources used to train Centurions come from the player’s battle inventory. More on this below.

New Feature: The Wagon Train

In order to use resources in the battles or to train Centurions, players will need to load a wagon train with resources from their inventory and send it to battle. From the Resources page under My Assets, players can select the resources to send to their battle inventory. Each send costs 5 denari.

Up next

Additional use cases for resources: including using horses to bring troops to battle more quickly and taking swords into battle.

Leaderboards: We are building a scoring model that ranks players based on their performance in battle.

UI updates to improve the overall look and feel and make the game easier to navigate.

We’re excited for the updates in this release! Developing new methods for resource consumption increases the value of goods, takes the level of strategy involved up a notch and makes the game more fun! Please continue to provide comments and feedback.

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