News from Caesar: CryptoRome January 2019 Update

The Battle for Sicily is back

We’re excited to announce the Battle for Sicily will return on Wednesday, January 9! In the Battle for Sicily, players bring the full wrath of the armies from their villages to compete against other players. The Battle for Sicily is a landholders-only battlefield.

Prizes in the new Battle for Sicily are cold, hard denari:

  • Caesar: 100 denari
  • Senators: 25 denari

In addition, players in the Battle for Sicily will earn a bonus denari for every 10 points earned at the end of each battle day. 10 points = 1 denari, 20 points = 2 denari, and so on.

Plenty of denari up for grabs in the Battle for Sicily

To prepare for the Battle for Sicily, the battle game will undergo maintenance on Wednesday, January 9 at 10 am EST and will be down for 90 minutes. Stay tuned in Discord and Twitter for the updates.

The first full battle day with prizes in the Battle for Sicily will be Thursday, January 10. However, players can begin competing for lands when the game is live in order to get a head start for Thursday’s battle by winning cards and getting the added benefit of defender troops on cards.

Training Grounds

Also going live alongside the Battle for Sicily will be the Training Grounds. We created the Training Grounds as a way for all players to sharpen their battle strategy. This is a balanced game where every player will receive 2,000 troops per day. This gives everyone an opportunity to experience the battle game: send in troops, try different characters and compete for prizes!

Prizes for the Training Grounds are items used in battle. Training Ground prizes will start with:

  • Caesar: 50 Wine
  • Senators: 15 Wine

To keep things interesting, all prizes in both the Battle for Sicily and the Training Grounds will change periodically and new bonus incentives will appear to add even more fuel to the battle fire. An automated process is in development but for now prizes will continue to be batched weekly and issued on Fridays.

Note: This change means that Tuesday, January 8 will be the last day of the current Caesar Triumph Tournament.

Other updates

Barracks and Winery Credits are being issued starting January 9. All players that upgraded barracks in the previous mini-game will earn credits for each level of barracks they achieved. Players can view available credits in their profile. Players will be notified when all barracks credits are issued.

To use the credit, simply go to your village and place the building. You will be required to use the building credit and it will automatically default to your highest level barracks available. The building will be placed immediately (no build time). All winery credits are coming into the game at level 1.

We’ve made using your building credits incredibly simple!

As a bonus, these credits provide us new reward opportunities for players and the potential to bundle villages that come with a structure credit.

Note: for players that have upgraded barracks but do not own land, the credits will remain in the players account and when a village is purchased, the player will be able to use the credit instantly.

What else?

From an architecture perspective, we have made major improvements to the game that will improve the speed and performance. These improvements allow the game to scale in ways that were otherwise impossible. We’re expecting new player growth to spike early this year and had to prepare accordingly!

Aside from better performance, from a gameplay perspective, the only change players will notice is that defender troops will be placed on cards automatically. Therefore, at the start of each battle region, cards will be occupied by the defenders from the previous battle. This motivates players to arrive early into each battle to add reinforcements to their troops.

One additional change is that players troop production rates and cap are shifting to a 24-hour schedule (as opposed to 12-hours today). This was mainly done to avoid any confusion when seeing a daily troop production on villages and having to convert that to a 12-hour production rate and cap. Yes, dividing by two is pretty easy but why do it if you don’t have to?

What to look forward to in the next two releases

UP NEXT (end of January)

Resources in battle: We are currently working on a wagon train system that allows players to bring resources produced on their village into the Battle for Sicily. Once this is in place, players can load up their wagon with resources and items from their village and bring much needed munitions to their troops.

When this system is built, we will reintroduce Stone and Fortified walls into the battle game. We know that these walls add a level of strategy into the battles that is missing at the moment and are therefore working quickly to bring this back. When this happens, walls will be built with the resources that have been sent to battle. WOOD will be used to build stick walls (5% added defense), STONE will be used to build stone walls (15% added defense) and IRON will be used to build fortified walls (30% added defense). All walls will gain strength the longer you consecutively hold the card. Walls increase in levels and gain 3% strength every 10 minutes.

Centurion Training: Centurions are gaining XP each time they are used in battle today. In the next release, we will reintroduce Centurion training, which will include new ways to gain XP, like keeping your hungry Centurion fed with bread and fish.

SOON AFTER (February)

Additional use cases for resources: including using horses to bring troops to battle more quickly and taking swords in battle.

Leaderboards: We’re building out a scoring model that will rank players based on their performance in battle.

UI updates to improve the overall look and feel and make the game easier to navigate.

We’re excited for these updates! Please continue to provide comments and feedback.

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