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We are excited to officially announce our partnership & full API docs portal integration with Cryptocompare! The highest quality crypto data has never been easier to access, here’s how.

Using Cryptocompare data in your Excel & Google spreadsheets with Cryptosheets

We are proud to officially announce our partnership & full API docs portal integration with Cryptocompare! This has never been done before & represents a new precedent for all providers across the entire crypto data space. With 800 million daily Excel & 250 million daily Googlesheets users, Cryptocompare has demonstrated their commitment to making the crypto markets more accessible and easier to understand.

1) What does this mean?

  • This means that with simple spreadsheet formulas you can now pull in data from Cryptocompare’s 73+ API endpoints! Institutional caliber crypto market data for trading exchanges, historical data, mining, social activity, benchmark indexes, orderbooks real time streaming markets and so much more has never been easier to access.

If you can copy + paste = you can now use Cryptocompare data

Access institutional caliber crypto data in seconds with formulas like =CS.QUERY(“Cryptocompare”,”Top Mktcapfull”,{“tsym”,”USD”})
Excel & Google examples for every Cryptocompare endpoint — just copy + paste into your spreadsheet!
Its never been easier to use Cryptocompare API data in Excel or Googlesheets

2) Examples & Use Case Scenarios

With so many use cases we’ll highlight a few here but will also be covering more with future articles that will include supporting templates, tutorials and examples. We also encourage users to check out Cryptocompare’s excellent research blog.

  • ✅ Traders
    Overlay RSI, MACD and other technical analysis indicators on their positions using Cryptocompare historical daily/hourly/minute OHLCV data to help back test and time trading strategies or use trading signals to add sophisticated AI driven market intelligence to their portfolios
  • ✅ Miners
    Pull in detailed metrics on hashrate, block rewards, GPU cost trends and ASIC hardware comparisons to help calculate their profitability models and breakevens
  • ✅ Professional portfolio managers
    Use institutional MVIS benchmark indexes to compare performance across various crypto market segments and even capital markets or macro benchmarks to assess asset allocations and risk adjusted returns
  • ✅ Research Analysts & Journalists
    Combine any or all of the above to inspire your narratives and align them with data driven themes, trends and analysis
  • ✅ Back Office & Accounting
    Leverage Cryptocompare’s best in class weighted pricing endpoints to easily compare and assess proper historical index reference rates for marking positions, trade booking and account maintenance or create custom reference VWAPs and more
  • ✅ Hobbyists, Beginners & Students
    Simplify managing your crypto investments by easily accessing them in Excel and Googlesheets. Using Cryptosheets, all the heavy lifting for API integration, custom developer work, coding and security is already taken care of for you. This allows less experienced users to focus on the data they need to understand in a simple and familiar environment
Try a Cryptosheets template for Cryptocompare today & stay tuned for more advanced templates

3) How to setup your free Cryptocompare API key with your Cryptosheets account

Connect your Cryptocompare account in 30 seconds

  1. Install Cryptosheets for Excel or Googlesheets
  2. Make sure you’re logged in
  3. Go to your integrations in the settings tab
  4. Activate the Cryptocompare integration
  5. That’s it!
  6. Test a Cryptocompare endpoint or formula to verify
  7. In any cell in a new sheet type

Excel =CS.QUERY(“Cryptocompare”, “exchanges”)

Googlesheets =CSQUERY(“Cryptocompare”, “exchanges”)

Visit your Cryptocompare account page to upgrade your API subscription with exclusive discounts by signing up through Cryptosheets

You can pull all 73+ API endpoints from Cryptocompare into Excel or Googlesheets with Cryptosheets using the side panel console or custom functions (aka formulas)

All 73+ Cryptocompare API endpoints are available in Excel & Googlesheets (examples at Cryptosheets & Cryptocompare Docs)

4) Why Cryptocompare?

  • Cryptosheets works with more data providers than any other crypto data platform which means our job requires gaining an exceptionally intimate understanding of each data provider, their data and their API service. This process has solidified Cryptocompare’s reputation as an extremely reliable and well built platform making it a true standout and best of breed.
  • If you don’t believe us we suggest you ask VanEck, MVIS, Refinitiv, Thomson Reuters, BT Radianz and all the other institutional titans of data.
  • This integration demonstrates Cryptocompare’s commitment to expanding access and visibility to crypto market data towards educating the masses about crypto markets by adding new, user friendly ways to consume and understand their data.
  • It also reflects the very high caliber and professionalism of the entire Cryptocompare team who have been great to work with during this integration. Many thanks to Charlie, James, Vlad & Paul.
  • There are only a handful of experienced crypto data teams across the entire industry who have actually been through the highs, the lows, the crashes & the booms — and survived. THEN there are the even smaller handful who have not only survived but THRIVED. Cryptocompare is in that group.

5) Summary

  • The integration of Cryptocompare with Cryptosheets brings together two best in class platforms dedicated to improving and maintaining the most powerful and comprehensive tools in the crypto data arena.
  • The ability to copy + paste and gain instant access to Cryptocompare data changes everything no matter where you’re sitting and opens new and previously unobtainable possibilities.
  • It’s also a new precedent for crypto data providers to follow. Integrating easy to use Cryptosheets formulas into an API documentation portal completely transforms the accessibility and value proposition of the entire API. If you’re an interested provider please reach out to us directly.


👉 This page shows how to use the Cryptosheets API console and custom function formulas to access all of Cryptocompare’s API endpoints & data in Excel & Googlesheets

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