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We are excited to officially announce the integration of IEX Cloud with Cryptosheets! Institutional quality capital markets and crypto data has literally never been easier to access, here’s how.

Using IEX Cloud data in your Excel & Google spreadsheets with Cryptosheets

We are proud to officially announce our integration with IEX Cloud! With 800 million daily Excel & 250 million daily Googlesheets users, capital markets and crypto data is more accessible and easier to use in one place than ever before.


This means that Cryptosheets users can now access institutional quality capital markets data in addition to the largest amount of combined crypto data with the same easy to use formulas:
=CS.QUERY(“IEX”, “Key Stats”,{“symbol”,”AAPL”})

If you can copy + paste = you can now use IEX Cloud data!

Access capital markets data in seconds with formulas like =CS.QUERY(“IEX”,”Advanced Stats”,{“symbol”,”AAPL”})
Cryptosheets users have immediately gained access to over 50,000+ new capital markets assets!
Combining crypto and capital markets data into a unified access point is a gamechanger


With so many use cases we can only highlight a few here.

We’ll be showcasing more examples of how to leverage the IEX Cloud API in future articles.

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A few common scenarios include…

  • Cross asset benchmark comparison (S&P500 vs Bitcoin)
  • Cross asset correlations (BTC vs Gold vs equities)
  • Investment vehicles vs underlying crypto asset (GBTC vs Bitcoin)
  • Interest rates & yield (Defi rates vs treasuries, S&P500 dividend yield and high yield bonds)
  • Cross asset relative performance & returns (risk/volatility adjusted)
  • Public companies vs tokenized STOs/ICOs
  • Historical macro economic indicators vs crypto fundamentals (CPI vs BTC inflation)
  • Performance of recent IPOs vs ICOs, STOs & IEOs

Excel & Googlesheets examples for every IEX Cloud endpoint are available at our Cryptosheets Docs portal — just copy + paste into your spreadsheet!

✅ Traders

  • Easily build custom cross asset trading dashboards that automatically update in real time or at any custom interval
  • Pull in detailed metrics on cross asset class performance, volatility and correlations. Easily plot charts with SP500, Bitcoin, Oil, Gold, Global GDP all with the same easy to use formulas.
  • Easily build trading arbitrage screeners & models to identify risk sentiment patterns and capitalize on cross market dislocations
  • Overlay RSI, MACD, BBANDS, EMA and other technical analysis indicators on ANY historical data set in real time or use IEX Cloud historical OHLCV data to help back test and time trading strategies

✅ Professional Portfolio Managers

  • Compare institutional benchmarks across asset classes to analyze tracking error, performance and relative value strategies
  • Track correlation between major risk assets across crypto vs conventional markets and relative to your portfolio
  • Analyze conventional macroeconomic themes and secular/cyclical trends vs crypto fundamentals

✅ Research Analysts & Journalists

  • Combine datasets across asset classes & industries to inspire your narratives and align them with data driven themes, trends and analysis
  • Analyze institutional holders of crypto funds vs publicly traded blockchain companies or ETFs

✅ Back Office & Accounting

  • Leverage IEX Cloud’s institutional caliber historical data to easily compare and assess proper historical index reference rates for marking positions, trade booking and account maintenance

✅ Hobbyists, Beginners & Students

  • Simplify managing & tracking your crypto investments by easily accessing them in Excel and Googlesheets. Using Cryptosheets, all the heavy lifting for API integration, custom developer work, coding and security is already taken care of for you. This allows less experienced users to focus on the data they need to understand in a simple and familiar environment


Any Cryptosheets user can start using the entire IEX Cloud API in Excel or Googlesheets right now. Users can either use their existing IEX Cloud API keys or use the Cryptosheets default API key.


  1. Install Cryptosheets for Excel or Googlesheets
  2. Make sure you’re logged in to access data
  3. That’s it!


  1. Install Cryptosheets for Excel or Googlesheets
  2. In any cell type or paste the following
    =CS.QUERY(“IEX”,”Key Stats”,{“symbol”,”AAPL”;”token”,”Your token”})
    =CSQUERY(“IEX”,”Key Stats”,{“symbol”,”AAPL”;”token”,”Your token”})
  3. That’s it!


  1. Custom Functions or Cryptosheets Side Panel API Console
  2. Cryptosheets Docs examples & tutorials
  3. Templates
  4. YouTube Video Examples
  5. Use your own existing IEX Cloud API key for any endpoint at any time
The dedicated IEX Cloud provider page on Cryptosheets Docs w/ tutorials & hundreds of example formulas

Try a free Cryptosheets template for IEX Cloud

Follow us on Twitter for more advanced templates, models & dashboards

The IEX query builder template lets you start using IEX Cloud data in seconds without typing anything!

Why IEX Cloud?

  • Cryptosheets works with more data providers than any other crypto data platform which means our job requires gaining an exceptionally intimate understanding of each data provider, their data and their API service. We believe IEX Cloud is a reliable and well-built platform, with a breadth of data that will be useful for Cryptosheets users.
  • This ability to make this integration possible demonstrates IEX Cloud’s commitment to expanding access and visibility to cross asset and conventional markets data
  • This is an important step towards educating the masses about the growing similarities in markets by adding new, user friendly ways to consume and understand their data
  • It also reflects the very high caliber and professionalism of the entire IEX Cloud team who have been great to work with during this integration
  • The integration of IEX Cloud with Cryptosheets brings together two best in class platforms dedicated to improving and maintaining the most powerful and comprehensive tools in the crypto data arena
  • The ability to copy + paste and gain instant access to the full breadth & depth of the entire IEX Cloud data catalog changes everything no matter where you’re sitting and opens new and previously unobtainable possibilities

You can pull over 106+ API endpoints from IEX Cloud into Excel or Googlesheets with Cryptosheets using the side panel console or custom functions (aka formulas)


👉 This page shows how to use the Cryptosheets API console and custom function formulas to access all of IEX Cloud’s API endpoints & data in Excel & Googlesheets

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