Cryptosheets 2.0 Relaunch!

John Young
Jan 27 · 6 min read

Announcing Cryptosheets 2.0 for Excel & Googlesheets — Crypto Data Just Got Easy

Read about the relaunch of Cryptosheets including all of our new features, data and more Help center | Excel | | Googlesheets | Contact us

Cryptosheets 2.0 available for Excel & Googlesheets

We are excited to announce the new features, functions and redesign of the platform including the Microsoft Excel and GoogleSheets add-ins and new WebApp!

New Features:

New Data:

  • Hundreds of new data providers
  • Thousands of new endpoints and datasets
  • Historical technical analysis
  • Advanced valuation models
  • Scenario analysis
  • Over 7,000+ unique assets supported
  • OnChain Metrics
  • Crypto Funds, Events, Exchanges, Wallets, DeFi
Dashboards & heatmaps can be created in seconds using formulas
Powerful new workspace dashboards are highly customizable for your workflows
Build custom queries and load them directly to worksheets

Whats happening?

What does this mean for users?

  • Users can immediately be able to access dozens of new providers and hundreds of new datasets, charts and a library of research content from the Excel add-in, Google Sheets add-on and web app.
  • Users can access any data in Cryptosheets through new custom functions

When will the change take place?

  • The changes began taking place in 2019 and will continue through the start of 2020. You can stay up to date by joining our mailing list and following our changelog here.
  • We will do our best to make outgoing announcements detailing the major changes that have the most impact on users but we are also conscious of not spamming our mailing lists with every minor change and update.

What are some of the major changes users should expect?

The entire legacy platforms for both Spreadstreet and Cryptosheets were redone and merged into one unified Cryptosheets app. This app can now be accessed through the web, Excel and Google Sheets.

  • A lot of the changes will impact the side panel interface (see examples) including menu navigation, dataset access, new features, custom functions, charts, templates, scenario clusters and general styling (some examples are provided below).
  • The top Excel ribbon menu will also change substantially along with dozens of new interactive and customizable modules and widgets (some examples are provided below).
  • The entire Google Sheets add-on has changed from the legacy Spreadstreet to Cryptosheets, matching the Excel add-in almost entirely* for continuity across platforms
  • *Please note: some of the features highlighted in screenshots may change or appear slightly different as updates, feature enhancements and updates are rolled out; Other features are only available on Excel due to Googlesheets limitations
Spreadstreet has become Cryptosheets

New Excel ribbon and side panel menu navigation

New side panel interface is highly flexible and interactive

Flexible side panels to compare dozens of data providers

Multiple side panels can be used to compare data providers (Excel only)

New generation Excel custom functions (aka formulas) + Google Sheet Functions

New custom functions can be used anywhere including on the web and leverage powerful new dynamic arrays from Microsoft

Powerful new custom functions enable features like real time streaming data
=CSQUERY allows you to instantly pull in any crypto data provider and endpoint available on the platform

New workspace dashboard area w/ widget gallery​

Workspaces are customizable dashboards with widget panels

Widgets (currently) include:

  • Global content library (charts, research, scenario clusters)
  • Charts (w/ send chart data to sheet buttons)
  • Templates (w/ send template layouts to sheet buttons — no more downloads!)
  • Cryptosheets explorer (auto smart lookup of cell content)
  • Trading View (live trading view charts and layouts)
  • Symbol lookup
  • Provider lookup
  • External Web Resource
  • Many, many more coming soon…

New Cryptosheets autoTemplates & chart widgets

New generation templates allow users to load highly functional templates directly into their existing workbooks with one click — no file downloads!

Templates can be loaded in seconds then customized and saved as your own
Rapidly load 1 second resolution OHLCV for thousands of crypto pairs and hundreds of exchanges
Search for charts and send the underlying data directly to your worksheets!
Send chart data directly to your worksheets in seconds

Old Look vs New Look:

Old Look (pre 2019)

Legacy Cryptosheets add-in for Excel

New Look (2019 onward)

Cryptosheets 2.0 add-in for Excel

Relaunch FAQ:

  • Will my old spreadsheets still work with the new add-in?
    A: Some will but those that may not can be easily converted and updated in Excel and Googlesheets
  • Will I still have access to the same data I did in the original add-in?
    A: Yes you will and much more. Subscription plans will vary and custom plans are also available
  • How can I sign up to be a beta tester?
    A: Please contact us directly contact us
  • Where can I see a full list of available data providers?
    A: Browse providers here:
  • How do I get my crypto data API, source or provider listed?
    A: We are adding new providers, endpoints and datasets daily so please contact us directly contact us
  • What happened to the big orange button?
    A: Please see above new look vs. old look example above. The same functionality is still available just through a far more powerful tool interface using the API consoles provided for each provider & endpoint
  • How do I use the legacy Cryptosheets templates?
    A: You can find the original templates here:
  • My question is not listed here — where can I find additional help?
    A: Please explore our help center and help sections on the web app or contact us directly by using the Intercom chat located on all of our pages
    help center | help sections | contact us
Access our entire help center library at any time without ever leaving your worksheet

Free to sign up, install from the Microsoft AppSource and Google G-Suite stores now.

Available on Microsoft AppSource

Cryptosheets is available on the official Microsoft app store, just type “crypto” or click here to get Started with Excel

Available on Google G-Suite

Cryptosheets is available on the official Google app store, just type “crypto” or click here to get Started with Googlesheets

Important notes:
*During the relaunch period, please note there may be new beta features rolled out to all users that may not be 100% stable or intended for production usage. We intend to clearly identify new features, sections and data functionality as such but please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly with any questions, thank you.


All your crypto data in one place for Excel or…

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All your crypto data in one place for Excel or Googlesheets. Hundreds of providers. Thousands of datasets. Real time streaming data into your worksheets. Crypto data just got easy.

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