Manage Your Crypto Portfolio with Cryptosheets & (part 1)

Chris Ware
Mar 26 · 6 min read

Crypto portfolio management is incredibly challenging for many reasons including tracking & integrating accurate data for your positions. That just changed, here’s how. and Cryptosheets have officially integrated

Manage Your Crypto Portfolio with Cryptosheets &

I’ve been waiting 3 years to write this article and it feels good. We are thrilled to announce the official integration of into the Cryptosheets platform!

This means that with one formula you can now pull in ALL of your positions across dozens of accounts from trading exchanges, online wallets, cold wallets, altcoin wallets, mining pools and more directly into Excel & Googlesheets. Prices and all calculations for gains, losses and necessary tax reporting across your positions are refreshed in near real time.

Easy to use formulas like =CS.QUERY("Cointracking", "Get Trades") provide instant access to portfolio balance, trades, gains, history and more

1) Why is this so important?

Portfolio management is about decision making and risk allocation both of which require reliable data and tools to use that data.

Connecting your Cointracking account to Cryptosheets unlocks infinite combinations of data analysis for your portfolio positions

2) Examples & Use Cases

With so many use cases we’ll highlight a few here but will also be covering more with future articles in this series that will include supporting templates, tutorials and examples.

Other common use cases include creating customized charts, developing mining plans, creating and testing portfolio rebalancing scripts, making custom crypto indices and running tax liability scenarios based on potential trading strategies.

💭 For US taxpayers the recently announced postponement for tax filing deadlines until July 15 offers additional time to review crypto portfolio holdings making this a perfect time to setup your Cointracking & Cryptosheets accounts and dig in while you may be quarantined at home.

Try a Cryptosheets template for Cointracking today & stay tuned for more advanced templates coming soon

3) How to setup & connect your Cointracking account

Retrieve your Cointracking API key and Secret, then follow the steps below
Connect your Cointracking account in 30 seconds

Excel =CS.QUERY(“Cointracking”, “Get Balance”)

Googlesheets =CSQUERY(“Cointracking”, “Get Balance”)

You can pull all 6 API endpoints from Cointracking into Cryptosheets using the side panel console or custom functions (aka formulas)
get trades, get balance, get historical summary, get historical currency, get grouped balance, get gains

All 6 Cointracking API endpoints are available in Excel & Googlesheets

You can easily explore all 6 endpoints and build customized queries or formulas using the Cryptosheets side panel console.

Quickly find, customize and build formulas for any Cointracking endpoint using the Cryptosheets console

4) Why

There aren’t many tax applications that can consistently and reliably import data from cryptocurrency exchange APIs.

Unparalleled support for exchange API connections, imports for wallets and other sources
Cointracking offers the most comprehensive portfolio reporting data and granularity available

5) Summary

The integration of Cointracking with Cryptosheets brings together two best in class platforms dedicated to improving and maintaining the most powerful and comprehensive tools in the crypto data arena.

The ability to create customized views of your crypto portfolio positions using data, analytics, metrics and content from over 80+ of the top crypto data providers in whatever combination you need or want (not just what they need or want to serve you*) opens new and previously unobtainable possibilities.

As a combined crypto data tool and service it represents a genuine paradigm shift in the way investors can more effectively manage their risk in crypto markets.

… as mentioned, stay tuned for the next part(s) in this article series focusing on advanced methods and strategies that leverage Cointracking portfolio data in Cryptosheets. We’ll announce them on Twitter first



👉 This help center article shows how to add your Cointracking API key to Cryptosheets for Excel and Googlesheets

👉 This help center article shows how to import CoinTracking data using the Cryptosheets plugin

👉 This help center article shows how to use custom function formulas to access your Cointracking data using the Cryptosheets plugin

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All your crypto data in one place for Excel or Googlesheets. Hundreds of providers. Thousands of datasets. Real time streaming data into your worksheets. Crypto data just got easy.

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All your crypto data in one place for Excel or Googlesheets. Hundreds of providers. Thousands of datasets. Real time streaming data into your worksheets. Crypto data just got easy.

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