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Why We’re Putting Sports Cards on the Blockchain

Introducing CryptoStrikers, and the four things made possible by building it on Ethereum.

Screengrab from Copa90’s excellent “Why Panini Stickers Are Essential to The World Cup

1 - True Digital Ownership

It is clear that between what a man calls me and what he simply calls mine the line is difficult to draw — William James

Our possessions are an extension of us. However, this gets messy in a world where the things we own increasingly live online, hosted on servers we don’t control. What happens when your online photo storage service shuts down, or when your blogging platform decides to delete 10 years worth of your posts?

My card collection on display

2 - Provable Scarcity

In the words of Nick Tomaino, “humans have a fundamental desire to own things that are scarce that other people want”. However, sports card rarity is typically tricky to prove in both the physical world (how many cards is Panini actually printing?) and on existing centralized digital platforms (when Topps BUNT says a card is 1 of 100, are they being truthful?).

Provably rare card tiers

3 - Trustless Trading

Soccer is a global sport, so it makes sense that a soccer trading card game should be able to leverage a global community, one where anybody can participate and where scarce digital assets move freely and securely across borders. While the current iteration of the Internet enabled the seamless transmission of information, we hope that blockchains enable the seamless transmission of value. Currently, sports cards both physical and digital are mainly transacted on eBay, where fakes abound and you need a bank account to participate. We can do better.

Lowballing Benn during testing by offering my duplicate Marcelo for his #1 of 8000 Salah

4 - Extensibility/Interoperability

With physical trading cards, you can place them in albums, and… not much else. With current digital sports cards platforms, your cards are siloed to a specific company’s servers, so you can only use them in ways that company sees fit.




Rare and beautiful sports cards on the Ethereum blockchain.

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