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CryptovationX is honored to be included in the 3rd batch of RISE Accelerator. We are excited be collaborating closely with Krungsri Finnovate, in order to, provide the best tech solution for banking institutions and individual customers. Krungsri RISE established as the first corporate accelerator in Thailand utilizing both the strength as corporate, Krungsri and RISE Accelerator to help drive startups together. The strength of the accelerator lies in knowledge and expertise in building up growth for startups from the team and experience from molding, managing, investing in, and setting about numerous startups. Likewise, the strength of the corporate encompasses knowledge and insight into business, experience in conducting transactions with expert personnel and a proper system, including what startups lack such as customer behavioral data or funds. With cooperation from both the accelerator and the corporate, it enables CryptovationX to accelerate further and faster, minimize risk in financial industry and succeed as speedily as possible.

Furthermore, Krungsri Finnovate allocates USD 30 million fintech-focused for venture capital investment in startup. They are focusing in growth startup, Series A or later stage. Krungsri Innovate aims to be fully strategic investor who helps startup grow to reach its goal through their support and synergy from bank’s valuable asset.

On the 14th September, CryptovationX presented at the Krungsri Rise Batch 3 Launch. We’reworking closely with Krungsri Finnovate to enable the cryptocurrency-related product for banking industry. With our solution, Krungsri bank could become the leading crypto-banking institution in Southeast Asia.

On the 17th and 18th, during the adventure activities in Kanchanaburi, CryptovationX team had a chance to engage with other teams from Krungsri RISE Batch 3 such as Krungsri RISE, Krungsri Finnovate, BotBot, ChocoCard, Drivemate, GYDE, JumpUp, Lenddo, and Accrevo. During the evening session, each team was separated into different groups and were able to involved in such a fruitful discussion among other teams. It was a memorable outing along with rising startups and Krungsri team.

At Digital Big Bang 2018, CryptovationX exhibited the booth along with the Thai Fintech Association. On the 2nd day of the event, there was a pitching session of 10 teams in Krungsri RISE Batch 3 at Krungsri RISE booth stage. It was a great chance for CryptovationX to introduce products and services to the public.

At the first session, we were assigned to set OKR for the potential project that we could collaborate with Krungsri. The goal is to deliver crypto-financial services for the bank. With our technology, Krungsri bank can easily adopt our robo-advisory platform for their clients but to deliver a polish product, we need to conduct R&D with their clients to design the product market fit.

CryptovationX is collaborating with Krungsri RISE and Krungsri Finnovate to deliver educational solution for cryptocurrency investment. Our team will be providing knowledge and expertise in the area of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Apart from providing education to customers, we will conduct the internal corporate training for Krungsri’s employees as well. We’re initiating Krungsri Crypto Club where all Krungsri’s employees could learn and exchange knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Furthermore, Krungsri team dedicated their time visited Coinbase, the leading regulated crypto exchange in the U.S. which MUFG invested since series B. With great effort and support from Krungsri, CryptovationX is super optimistic and excited to deliver crypto-financial solution for Krungsri bank and their customers.

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‘The Best Friend for Crypto Investors


The Best Friend for Crypto Investors


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The Best Friend for Crypto Investors


The Best Friend for Crypto Investors

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