CryptovationX: Media Coverage

Since CryptovationX was founded, the company has rapidly gained a widespread media coverage including TV, newspaper, online media, and press conferences.

Pondet Ananchai, CEO, was interviewed by Thai National News (TNN) on the cryptocurrency regulations in China. As the market went down and many investors had lost their fortune, we had spotted more arbitraging opportunities. By arbitraging, it does not matter if a market goes up or down, as long as there is asymmetric price on different exchange.

On February 12th, Pondet was invited to live interview on TNN24 along with Dr. Bhume Bhumiratana, technology advisor to SEC Thailand. The program involved discussions around the topic of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency on various aspects: regulations, investments, and recommendations for Thailand. (Recorded video is available on youtube:

Three-days later, Cryptovation hosted the ICO launch press conference and introduced CXA as the cryptocurrency for Robo-advisory and ‘Wealth for All’ Initiative at Intercontinental Hotel. The event involved discussions about blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICO, Artificial Intelligence, and the future investment opportunities.

CryptovationX was also published on Bangkok Post, the leading English newspaper in Thailand, about the ICO launch which quickly gained popularity among cryptocurrency and blockchain community in Thailand. You can read the full article at

Recently after the cryptocurrency regulation was released, Pondet was also invited to join the live interview ‘CRYPTO Talk’. He had summarized the overall impact of this regulatory framework for crypto-related businesses. He believes that it is a positive action because this means Thailand has officially recognized the status of cryptocurrency and it became the first country in Southeast Asia that has outlined a lawful act on cryptocurrency. However, tax regulation will cause some negative effects on capital gain for both foreign investors and local investors who does not want to pay tax as much as 15%. Moreover, he mentioned that CryptovationX project will fully comply with Thai law since the company is operating in Thailand.

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