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CryptovationX Monthly Newsletter: August 2018

In August, CryptovationX was primarily focused on private sale and attended various blockchain and cryptocurrency related events.

On the 9th August, ADES2018 was a grand summit held in Thailand with key topics such as innovation, technology and investment revolving around “Economy 4.0” of Thailand and opportunities in the Eastern Economic Corridor(EEC). The ADES2018 summit was mainly focused on ASEAN opportunities, investment landscape, technology innovation, Blockchain Development and Industry Trends, Blockchain Investment Status and Opportunities. The summit included a broad range of content, such as keynotes, panel discussions, closed-door meetings and networking for attendances. It was our pleasure to meet like-minded people.

On the 10th of August, YEZCOIN event was a great opportunity for CryptovationX to be a presented at Blockchain Technology Seminar in Bangkok. Our CEO, Pondet Ananchai was invited to be the speaker and at the event he did mentioned about convergence of AI and Blockchain. AI and Blockchain are innovations of the century: One fostering centralized intelligence on close data platforms, the other promoting decentralized applications in an open-data environment. CryptovationX we emerge two powerful technology with the vision of ‘Wealth for All’

On the 11th of August, Vivaz Group and Cambodia Fintech Association (CFA) had visited CryptovationX office at KX building. The visit involved discussions for future collaboration between Thailand and Cambodia fintech ecosystem and vision to expand CryptovationX within Southeast Asia region.

Since 15th of August, CryptovationX had been participating in Fintech Challenge program by the SEC Thailand and Thai Fintech Association on every Wednesday and Thursday. The workshop had elevated the team to be more disciplined on various topics such as lean canvas, story telling, financial statement analysis, tax issues, innovation mindset, startup valuation and fundraising, law, and contract negotiation.

On the 25th of August, it was a chance for everyone to get in touch with the CEO of CryptovationX, Pondet Ananchai at the AIS DC. He was educating everyone on the topic of “How to analyze, select, and invest in potential ICO projects”. Participants had received 1,000 CXA tokens which can be used as a membership token in CryptovationX robo-advisory platform.

On the same date, CryptovationX was also invited to bitfish launch. It was the opening event for blockchain training hub for developers in Bangkok. We are excited to have such as strong community from abroad to help facilitate the community in Thailand and supplement the ecosystem as a whole.

CryptovationX is honored to be included in the 3rd batch of RISE Accelerator. We are excited be collaborating closely with Krungsri Finnovate, in order to, provide the best tech solution for banking institutions and individual customers. Krungsri RISE established as the first corporate accelerator in Thailand utilizing both the strength as corporate, Krungsri and RISE Accelerator to help drive startups together. The strength of the accelerator lies in knowledge and expertise in building up growth for startups from the team and experience from molding, managing, investing in, and setting about numerous startups. Likewise, the strength of the corporate encompasses knowledge and insight into business, experience in conducting transactions with expert personnel and a proper system, including what startups lack such as customer behavioral data or funds. With cooperation from both the accelerator and the corporate, it enables CryptovationX to accelerate further and faster, minimize risk in financial industry and succeed as speedily as possible.

Furthermore, Krungsri Finnovate allocates USD 30 million fintech-focused for venture capital investment in startup. They are focusing in growth startup, Series A or later stage. Krungsri Innovate aims to be fully strategic investor who helps startup grow to reach its goal through their support and synergy from bank’s valuable asset.

On the 31st, CryptovationX attended Block Hedge Summit. The event was organized at the Grand Hyatt Erawan. Block Hedge is a community led platform to help facilitate the blockchain community to develop the full potential of its industry applications, nurture new startups, talents and technologies to change the world for better. At the event, our CEO was interviewed by TNN24 about the current situation and landscape of ICO and cryptocurrency-related business in Thailand and the world.

Apart from Block Hedge, CryptovationX teamed up with CRYPTONIST continued to co-create a monthly event for beginners in Thailand. The event was joined by Swaple project and local Thais who interested in preparing themselves before getting into cryptocurrency market.

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