CryptovationX Partnership Journey: 2018

Jun 1, 2018 · 4 min read
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CryptovationX presented at the 1st CRYPTONIST Seminar

In 2018, CryptovationX is on the way to launch an ICO with strong supports from our partners, clients, and communities who had been optimistic with Cryptovation’s technology and services. Currently, our partners are mainly located in Asia-Pacific region including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand. Cryptovation kick started the year by attended exhibition at Asia Digital Expo and prepared an ICO launch for AI Robo-advisory development crowdsale. Cryptovation had meetings with Bitotem and QCP Capital to partner, and had built collaboration with MIT Asia School of Business. Pondet, CEO, served as a moderator for Bangkok FinTech Fair 2018 as well as meetings with ZCoin, OmiseGo and BitHumb. Cryptovation also had an opportunity to engage with global Blockchain community at Asia Pacific Ethereum Meetup in Bangkok, Beyond Blocks in Tokyo, as well as in World Blockchain Conference 3AM Summit in Macau.

As promised, we want to keep the same consistency by started with low risk, high returns and simplicity. So far, the proliferation of ICOs surprised many in tech industry, pushing blockchain companies to raised more than $4 billion toward the end of the year and the trend is looking extremely strong in 2018 . Since the beginning of this year, we have been planning and outlined proof-of-concepts of our ICO project called, CryptovationX. In 2018, CryptovationX is launching an ICO and our goal is to create an Artificial Intelligence Robot to become your advisors for arbitraging, speculative trading, and ICO investing. For more information on the project please check

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Cryptovation x Bitotem Partnership

Besides ICO preparation, Cryptovation had finalized partnership agreement with Bitotem, crypto-fund service in China. As a result, Bitotem is currently using Cryptovation’s arbitrage terminal services to operate their business and has been generating profits for their clients until these days. Moreover, we landed a meeting with QCP Capital (), crypto-trading for Asia, investment & trading strategies, OTC trading, market-making, treasury services, and ICO investment & support. As a result, we concluded partnership agreement as a technology provider to QCP. As a result, we agreed to be partner and also have QCP co-founders to be our CryptovationX advisor. Later, Darius Sit and Joshua Ho co-founders of QCP Capital, our Singaporean partner visit our office together with Daniel Hung, co-founder of ICO China, (), who later became our partner.

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Professor Rajesh Nair of Asia School Business, conducted the ‘Design Thinking’ training to the team.

CryptovationX had extended collaboration with leading educational institution, Asia School Business in collaboration with MIT Sloan Management School and Central Bank of Malaysia. Our vision is to empower the blockchain and cryptocurrency community by providing educational framework from leading academic institutions. Professor Rajesh Nair of Asia School Business had visited CryptovationX team and had joined as a special advisor and conducted the ‘Design Thinking’ training to the team. As a result, the team had developed and implemented design thinking framework to company’s products and services. The IT Spear had visited our team and established collaboration and partnership on software development. IT Spear is a software consultant for Kyber Network. The team has more than 20 engineers in KL, Malaysia, and Chennai, India. Later in March, CryptovationX team had a chance to host IT Spear team with Professor Rajesh Nair and Bitotem team at the CryptovationX head office.

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Pondet Ananchai, Founder & CEO of CryptovationX and Bitotem team

Moreover, CryptovationX had successfully landed a meeting with BitHumb team in Singapore. BitHumb is the leading cryptocurrency exchange based in South Korea. Partnering with BitHumb will enable the penetration of Cryptovation services into South Korea’s ‘Kimchi Premium’ as well as setting up OTC service to supplement the ecosystem of Cryptovation’s services.

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CryptovationX presented at Beyond Blocks

Recently, Pondet attended Beyond Block Conference Tokyo, Japan and were able to present CryptovationX’s products and services to community in Japan. Since cryptocurrency has gained its official status, CryptovationX has recognized Japan as a crypto-friendly country for establishing and expanding our businesses. Later, our CEO also had a chance to attend the World Blockchain Conference 3AM Summit, Macau. At the event, we were connected with exclusive crypto community in Macau and able to promote CryptovationX project along with discovering for a new potential business partner.

CryptovationX promises to deliver products and services to every client and token holder according to the purpose of ‘Wealth for All’ Initiative. By holding tokens, buyers will be able access various wealth generating tools as well as Cryptovation’s partners and clients who had experienced these tools before our ICO launch. After the ICO, everyone will be able to access to more advanced products and services besides just arbitrage tools such as speculative bot, and ICO broker bot. If you want to use robot for cryptocurrency trading, join CryptovationX airdrop now for an opportunity to gain access to CryptovationX robo-advisory platform.

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‘The Best Friend for Crypto Investors’


The Best Friend for Crypto Investors

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