Monthly Newsletter: May 2018

CryptovationX: Growing blockchain and cryptocurrency community in Asia

Our Team with the CRYPOTNIST Team, Blockchain Empowerment Community in Thailand

In May 2018, CryptovationX team has been preparing and be ready for the ICO launch. CryptovationX team was invited to the CRYPTONIST Seminar, the event that aim to educate Thai people about cryptocurrency. ZBTH has partnered with CRYPTONIST hosted ZBTH x CRYPTONIST Crypto & Blockchain Event on May 18th which included 3 sessions: ZBTH Grand opening, CRYPTONIST Seminar and CRYPTONIST Dinner.

CryptovationX was able to conclude partnership with ZB. ZB Thailand is the branch office of ZB Network Technology Limited in Thailand. ZBTH Grand Opening was the collaborative event and press conference between CRYPTONIST and ZBTH to promote blockchain and cryptocurrency projects which participated by more than 150 participants. a chinese crypto exchange and a trading app accessible to traders on tip of their fingers is launching a new branch. The full-fledged brand of will be opening in Thailand with plans to make itself a Southeast Asian Crypto Trading Hub.

The event was launched during the announcement by Thai Government that outlines a new regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies and ICO. This made to begin a crypto trading platform in Thailand. For Thailand, the regulations claims to penalize crypto traders if they fail to register within a period of 90 days. However, the have taken a step forward to initiate a branch in Thailand. The Co-founder of David Lee, says that the company is planning to explore its digital currency trading platform in Thailand. Their goal is also to provide knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology and investment in digital assets to Thai investors.

Pondet Ananchai was speaking about ICO the global disruption.

At the event, Pondet Ananchai, CEO of CryptovationX, was invited to be a speaker on topics of ‘Thailand’s cryptocurrency tax and regulation’ and ‘ICO the global disruption’. At the end, he had a chance to host a short discussion for the public on the latest regulation in Thailand and had suggested many solutions to the audience.

Pongsakorn Rujanaporn with David Lee, CEO of ZB Global.

CryptovationX’s Front-end Lead, Pongsakorn Rujanaporn, was invited to ZBTH Grand Opening Day. ZBTH is among the top 3 China’s cryptocurrency exchanges in term of volume and it was such a valuable time to discuss about further plan for CryptovationX in China with David Lee, ZB CEO.

After Thailand has released cryptocurrency regulatory framework, Pondet was also invited to join the live interview ‘CRYPTO Talk’. He had summarized the overall impact of this regulatory framework for crypto-related businesses in Thailand which he believes that it is a positive action because this means Thailand has officially recognized the status of cryptocurrency and it became the first country in Southeast Asia that has outlined a lawful act on cryptocurrency. However, tax regulation will cause some negative effects on capital gain for both foreign investors and local investors who does not want to pay tax as much as 15%. Moreover, he had promised that CryptovationX project will fully comply with Thai law since the company is operating in Thailand.

As part of the F13, CryptovationX was invited to pitch on Fintech Demo Day stage at Startup Thailand 2018. The event was organized by the NIA (National Innovative Agency) between 17–20 May 2018 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center under the theme “Endless opportunities”. It is internationally recognized as one of Southeast Asia’s largest startup events with the participation of over 400 startups along with angel investors and VC from around the globe to connect, to collaborate and to discuss on future business technologies.

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