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2nd AMA with Owl DAO + Owl Games

20 Jan 2022

It’s the second AMA between Crypto War + XBN finance & Owl DAO + Owl Games team. We are guest in this AMA with which you can understand more about our core team, strategic & marketing plans, game concept & stories, different phases of CryptoWar as well as how we build up partnership with other projects (ccFOUND, Quarashi Network, etc.) and keep up our support to each other in the long run.

Let’s enjoy the AMA recap!

Ms. Emily Palacios — Owl DAO + Owl Games: Today, OWLDAO community is honored to host Mr. Tri Tron, Co-CEO from XBN and CryptoWar $xBlade to have an AMA session with us!

Mr. Tri — XBN & xBlade: Thank you for having me!

Ms. Emily Palacios — Owl DAO + Owl Games: A brief introduction:

XBN Finance

  • Aims to power the next big things on Ethereum Virtual Machine Networks.
  • Works as an engine: innovate and build ideas and technologies that create wealth for XBN token holders. When an investor buys XBN and becomes an XBN token holder, the investor acquires a piece of a team that is dedicated to seek the next big ideas and build those technologies in crypto space to create wealth for her.


  • Applies a play-to-earn model. This game involves giving players financial incentives to play and progress through the game. This may allow gamers to earn a full time income by playing and trading.
  • All objects in CryptoWar are expressed as NFTs– digital tokens used to prove ownership of scarce heroes and weapons. Once you find and accrue these items through gameplay, you have the option to trade these with others in CryptoWar marketplace in exchange for cryptocurrency.

It’s a pleasure to finally have you at our house.

well everyone In today AMA we will have 3 sessions:

  • Part 1: 5 general questions from me for Mr. Tri to explain CryptoWars $xBlade and $XBN.
  • Part 2: 2 questions from Twitter community to Mr. Tri + 3 live questions from our community in Telegram to Mr. Tri

Mr. Tri, are you ready to start?

Mr. Tri — XBN & xBlade: Yes Im ready!

Ms. Emily Palacios — Owl DAO + Owl Games: Great! let’s start

1. Can you please introduce yourself and your team to our community ?

Mr. Tri — XBN & xBlade: My name is Tri Ton, Co-CEO of CryptoWar xBlade project. I’m a serial entrepreneur with background in private equity. I currently based in Austin, Texas, USA. The CryptoWar xBlade is a spin-off started from a DeFi project named XBN that a group of my friends in Vietnam who are tech-base coders and investors initiated back in November 2020.

The team now has about 20 members in a group of diverse and complemented backgrounds: coding, venture capital, digital media, and business operation. We just grow our team from just a handful of pirate bandit part-time freelance members of 5–6 people to a full fleet ready-to-fight working 24/7 in just the past 2 months. That shows how fast we are growing behind the scene right now. The core team knows each other personally and have worked together for 10+ years over various ups and downs in multinational firms as well as high growth startups across Vietnam, Singapore, and the US.

I pick out a slide about our team in our pitch deck here for the community to see:

We treat community members as team in a broader sense as well. We’re all on this ship together.

Ms. Emily Palacios — Owl DAO + Owl Games: Great, a group of very passionate people !

We’d like to know more, are you ready for the second one? Mr. Tri — XBN & xBlade: Yes! Let’s go!

Ms. Emily Palacios — Owl DAO + Owl Games:

2. Can you briefly tell us about your project ( Crypto War ) ?

Mr. Tri — XBN & xBlade: So we have been very much into DeFi technology in 2020 and the first half of 2021. In mid of 2021, realizing the implications that NFTs can revolutionize gaming into a field where gamers can play and make a living from their investments and efforts, we developed our first game, CryptoWar xBlade, that aims to be our core product for GameFi space.

We emerge ourselves into Metaverse developments and are working day and night to create new features into CryptoWar so that CryptoWar can be an intersection of gaming, virtual social, and finance. Then we realized that in fact GameFi and DeFi is actually very closely linked, so our expertise in DeFi actually plays well into our development of CryptoWar.

Ultimately, CryptoWar strives to become a sustainable gaming ecosystem that brings enjoyment and roads to wealth creation for everyone. Players mint heroes, collect weapons, fight monsters, fight other players in the game to collect $xBlade, which is a native currency of the game. $xBlade can then be either cashed out for real money or further upgraded in-game items for more powerful heroes and weapons in order to collect more rewards in the future.

This is a big picture view about how we see our project:

Ms. Emily Palacios — Owl DAO + Owl Games:

3. In terms of technology and finance, what will make CryptoWar project different than other GameFi projects that are abundant recent months?

Mr. Tri — XBN & xBlade: Actually if you think about that, gaming has been an isolated industry so far. Then suddenly blockchain and NFT enable the authenticity of ownership and create artificial scarcity. That add finance layer on top of gaming. That’s the first critical development forward of the whole industry.

Now the metaverse and improvements in technology with AR, VR, digital twin bring another layer into gaming, catapult it to be game-as-a-service and open game world to non-gamers. Like you can shopping in game. Attend concert in game. That create a whole new layer of experience and height for the industry.

From technology side, we are doing our best to capture those 2 critical development in the industry. Currently we build this game 100% on-chain, so it’s completely transparent and secure. In the future, we will develop on-chain/off-chain structure with our game to so that we can expand our game into more complex functionalities.

Also we will bridge our game into other chains such as ThunderCore (we are working very hard to make this happening right now), Polygon, AVAX, etc. where the TPS (transactions per second) and fee are much lowers. In the near future our game should be able to played across 5–6 different chains.

From the finance side, we think that what make CryptoWar different is we try to build a balance game in various aspects: the game itself should both create enjoyment for gamers to play and provide them an opportunity to make money. We want to build a game that may take longer time for gamers to break-even, but we can assure this one thing: there will be no inflationary pressure and gamers don’t have to worry about game collapsing. Our mindset is to increase the intrinsic value of $xBlade is more important than go into the beaten path of creating a weakly designed game, collect gamers by advertising and provide unsustainable ROI to be competitive — and then blow up after 3 months.

Ms. Emily Palacios — Owl DAO + Owl Games: Great! I completely agree with you, it’s very important to create a sustainable economy around projects, love your approach.

4. Please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year ?

Mr. Tri — XBN & xBlade: For our goal this year, right now we are focus on building a strong PvP core game play, shifting P2E into its rightful place of introductory and tutorial into the game. Now we only have the P2E feature, so everyone who look into our project judge it by how the P2E performs. In fact P2E is a very very tiny part of the game we are building. I estimate the significance of P2E is less than 5% of total value of CryptoWar $xBlade by the end of 2022.

This phase of building a strong PvP core game play already started from Aug 2021 and will probably last till May, 2022. We have 3 milestones on this phase:

  • Milestone 1 — P2E: Heroes battling Monsters.
  • Milestone 2 — PvP: Heroes battling other Heroes.
  • Milestone 3 — Market: Lending / Staking Heroes.

We just release PvP by Jan 4th 2022, which is the start of Milestone 2. Like when we release PvP, it’s not we achieve milestone 2. No it’s just the start. After we release the PvP feature, we’ll build a lot of things on top of it, with various game plays, various way that gamers communicate and interact with each others. PvP on itself is a vast space that we can add a lot of features to make our game more enjoyable in the future.

Lastly, we know that getting into GameFi can be expensive. So we are also developing a Free-To-Play mode and building features so that people can lend and stake heroes as well. Right now we have 200 gamers and about 60K in-game transactions. I think by the end of 2022 we should have thousands of gamers and probably crossing over 1M in-game transactions.

You can see some of our tractions here for our last 3 months:

Ms. Emily Palacios — Owl DAO + Owl Games: Thanks!, I’m loving this project

Let’s talk about the future

5. What are the project’s plan for the longer future, in 2023 and beyond?

Mr. Tri — XBN & xBlade: After we have a solid PvP playing mode, we’ll evolve our game into an ecosystem by elevating it with 2 dimensions:

(1) building social aspect of the game.

(2) build personalization features so that the gamers can make money by being an NFT collectors.

It looks like this:

Milestone 1 — Building a Gameplay Relationship System:

  • Clan System: Clan societies & benefits.
  • Relationship System: Family partners, war rivals, etc.

Milestone 2 — Tournaments:

  • Ranking system & leaderboard.

Milestone 3 — Campaign Gameplay with Lore:

  • Defeating Big Bosses.
  • Solving CryptoWar’s world mysteries & collect rare collectible items.

Milestone 4 — Personalize Hero NFT.

Milestone 5 — Building NFT Collection with Unique & High-Art Heroes, Weapons, and other in-game items.

Our first step is to build the market first for the in-game NFTs we have and then simultaneously building the collection. In order to build the market, we need to develop a game society where gamers and traders and enthusiasts can make clans, become gaming partners, sharing ideas, joining a tourney together or defeating boss monsters together. Then we start to build craftmanship around in-game items and make it unique. It’s like a personal realization dream of gamers. Things you can do in-game that you can’t do in real life. This is a big motivation for us. Because reality can be very harsh, and with game you can become someone else, escape from the hash reality you have to face everyday. Then you have a cool, rare hero, and you have a market for that hero.

Currently there are in-game items like rare weapon that have been sold for $3K. So yes, NFT collection in our game does have value. But we want to unlock the route so that that $3K transaction can be $30K or $300K in the future, then it’s in our Phase 2, we hope that we can have this phase done by May 2023.

The last phase is going into metaverse where we have enough resources to build a 3D game world and becoming a platform, engaging content creators everywhere to create in-game stories and items for CryptoWar’s Metaverse. In this phase people can hold concerts in game, buy lands in game, shopping in game, and taking items from CryptoWar into other platform such as Roblox, Sandbox, or Meta.

Here is our big picture view:

Ms. Emily Palacios — Owl DAO + Owl Games: Amazing! it looks I’ll be getting my self a couple heroes and start preparing for the future!

Mr. Tri — XBN & xBlade: Yay let do that!

Start of Q&A session

Question 1:

What do you have unique that makes this game a promising one and what makes it different from other games? Since the market is competitive and innovative people go for new things with uniqueness in other to make them comfortable in investing ?

Mr. Tri — XBN & xBlade: One of the things that I think it becomes more and more critical in this field is a solid thinking in building a strong and sustainable business model. A lot of crypto projects are popping up left and right right now. And looking from the top, it’s hard to distinguish which projects are good and which projects are not good. It’s hard to due diligence a project and find the relevant information and use your judgement to make this determination. However, I think one of the key thing is when you trace after projects, try looking from cash flow perspective and see how the project make money in the long run comparing to how it burns money.

Many projects are failing and blowing up and lead to rug pull and everything because they bring out a product that is not built on top of strong financial thinking. Thus as time goes by, the game blow up and hyper inflation happen. We are a traditional business people who do business in an innovative field. So in tech side, we go for the innovation and do all cool things with blockchain and crypto. However on financial thinking we are traditional in term of: What we do that create value? How to generate cash flow in the long term? how to become a project that can last the next 10 years and still continue to innovate?

I think this mindset is something as an investor you need to find in the potential investment deal. Because it’s more critical than here and there some special features that a game/defi project can offer. Because the thinking is like the backbone or the trunk of the tree. Meanwhile the features are like leaves in the end of the branch. Don’t let the leaves fool you but look at how the trunk of the tree is constructed.

To give an example, this is how we think of monetizing in the future:

Question 2:

Partnerships are extremely important for any project to grow and shine in the sky! So can you tell us some of your recent partnerships and also how do you plan to make it better.

Mr. Tri — XBN & xBlade: Sure thanks! This is a view about our current partnership:

As you can see we are backed by relevant tech and non-tech companies across the world. CJS comes from Singapore. Altair Alpha and Altair Industries come from the US. ccFound comes from Poland, Quarashi comes from Romania. We also just have Ape Strike join us as friend-project yesterday and now we also have you OwlDAO as a friend/media-partner too.

Our thinking is to expand our partnership with a lot of relevant projects across the world, have the communities cross-join project together and growth all projects by that way. The two first partners that we do are Quarashi ($QUA) and ccFOUND ($FOUND), we have been staying very well connected, share business contacts, help each other on technical difficulties, and share media coverage.

I think this is an amazing and authentic way to growth all of our communities together and bring benefit to all members at each community and we plan to push further in to building partnership with like minded people like this!

Question 3: From @Abbeycarvalho42

What is the most ambitious goal of your project? Could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

Mr. Tri — XBN & xBlade: I think the most ambitious goal of the project is to build CryptoWar into a competitive game platform where we will attract non-code content creator to create mini-game inside the system and have them monetize what they create to the general public. Then everyone can go in there and play games and either enjoy it for free or play a competitive match and win money from other. Imagine we create a world that let say similar to World of Warcraft, but the contents in there are user generated. Then a content creator can create a special map let say DotA, and other people can go in there use hero and weapon and compete with each other for prize. Or heroes can race car with each other. Or heroes can also buy castles and lands and become landlord in our virtual world. We want to build this to the top level and have 3D VR/AR experience too. It’s long term, but this is something we want to do.

Question 4: From @sebastianse3

Is your project only for elite investors, what about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Mr. Tri — XBN & xBlade: No we are certainly not a project for elite investors. Our token price is at $0.037 right now and in my opinion it’s very attractive (personal biased included). Still you can seek for even better price should you go for our Bond program and buy it here:

Anyone can buy 7-Day Bond at a 15% discount price and 50-Day Bond at 34% discount price!

Question 5: From @Maurita_bartley

Are you afraid some day there will be another project with more innovative technology can replace your project ?

Mr. Tri — XBN & xBlade: More innovative technology comes out everyday and even though that present a risk that we become obsolete but that risk is shared across all project in the industry. For us, we will of course work very hard to maintain relevant and innovate ourselves so that we are not left behind. As for now, I think being in GameFi, doing Metaverse, and utilize DeFi technology into the game is the top of the curve right now in term of a new technology that being adopted by the general public. So I think we will have a run way of no less than 5 years with this. Then we’ll see how the future unfolds.

End of Q&A session

Ms. Emily Palacios — Owl DAO + Owl Games: Thanks to all our community for taking the time and asking these questions, I hope you’ve learned a lot today about CryptoWar and hopefully, starting checking out some heroes

Thank you again for joining us today Mr.Tri

I’ve personally enjoyed to hear you speak about everything CryptoWar has to offer.

Mr. Tri — XBN & xBlade: Thank you for enjoying the AMA with me and provide me/CryptoWar an opportunity to introduce our project to Owl DAO community!

Wish both of our projects to be successful!

Ms. Emily Palacios — Owl DAO + Owl Games: It’s been a pleasure, this is your house

I’m sure we will see huge growth for both projects in no time.

The end ./.



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