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AMA with Crypto Stalkers

12 January 2022

  • Segment 01 → 3 Questions
  • Segment 02 → 2 Questions
  • Segment 03 → 3 Questions

Segment 1: Introduction

Hey Mr. Tri! Glad to know, how’s things going?

  • (1) We compensate the gamers $0.80 per P2E fighting transaction that the gamers lose the fight (losing the fight means you don’t get token reward). So this offset transaction costs quite a bit.
  • (2) We will bridge our game into other chains such as ThunderCore, Polygon, AVAX, etc where the TPS (transactions per second) and fee are much lowers. In the near future our game should be able to played across 5–6 different chains.
  • Milestone 1 — [Done] — P2E: Heroes battling Monsters.
  • Milestone 2 — [In Progress] — PvP: Heroes battling other Heroes.
  • Milestone 3 — [Not Started] — Market: Lending / Staking Heroes.

Segment 2: Dropping Questions from Twitter Post

Mr. Navi — Crypto Stalkers:

  • 25% of the proceed goes back into buy back immediately. So when someone buy bond, it helps the price immediately.
  • 25% goes to the liquidity pool.
  • 50% goes to a treasury where we use that treasury to buy back xBlade and top-up the liquidity pool in a fix frequency at 1% treasury pool every 8h

LIVE Question/Answer SESSION

Mr. Navi — Crypto Stalkers: It’s time to open group for next 2 minutes for our telegram community to present their Questions. After that you’ve to pick 3 Good Questions and answer them. You ready?

  • Team: Capable and committed team. Definitely want to bring this to $1B in the next 5 years.
  • Price: Good entry at this moment, $4M MCAP. Targeting $100M MCAP somewhere this year.
  • Mindset: Long-term and value-creating mindset. No rug-pull, hype creating, pump and dump, etc.
  • Favorable macro condition: GameFi on-the-rise and Crypto adoption is very supportive.
  • Cloudjet Solutions: VC backed IT company from Singapore.
  • Altair Alpha: Keiretsu’s Angel backed holding company in the US
  • XBN: DeFi project created from us before xBlade.
  • Altair Cliff: Fund managing company from the US.
  • ccFOUND: Web3 knowledge marketplace from Poland.
  • Quarashi: Crypto super app from Romania
  • Back then we think Binance is good in term of infrastructure, okay in term of transaction fee, coding language is similar to ETH but cheaper transaction cost, already have large user bases that is critical for us in term of traffic. So starting from Binance is good.
  • Lower transaction fee.
  • Increase adoption from different subset of users.
  • How many of them are just marketing and not have anyone do actual code just yet?
  • How many of them are just start coding and how can we know if their code is good?
  • How many of them actually release P2E and that P2E already stands the test of time (let say at least sit there in the market for 3 months)?
  • How many of them actually have PvP feature?



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