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Lucky Wheel

17 Feb 2022

As announced on 15 February 2022, we have an update with a new game for CryptoWar gamers, namely Lucky Wheel.

You can check it in Change Log
Now, let’s get started on how to play it!

How to play Lucky Wheel?

In order to play Lucky Wheel, you have to own $xBlade in your wallet (in-game unclaimed $xBlade can not be used).

Go to Arena > click on Lucky Wheel as follows

or directly use this link:

Then you will be connected to the game

Click on SPIN TO WIN, then you will have to finish 2 transactions

  1. Give permission to access your $xBlade (you have to do this only once, for your first time to play Lucky Wheel)
  2. On-chain transaction to Spin (do it with each Spin)

Wait for a few seconds to get result. Check it out!

Reward can be

  1. 5 Stamina
  2. 10 Stamina
  3. 20 Stamina
  4. 10 xGem
  5. Common box
  6. Rare box
  7. Epic box

How to use reward from Lucky Wheel?

  • xGem will be distributed directly & instantly to your xGem balance
  • Others: Stamina, boxes will be rewarded to your Inventory. You can check it in Inventory, then you can get details in either Box (for box reward) or Others (for Stamina reward)

To use Stamina reward, click on USE, then you will see

Next, you must check & choose a Hero you want to use your rewarded Stamina. Click on Select then scroll the bar to Set number of stamina you want to add for that chosen Hero.

Finish a transaction to use it.

Then 45 Stamina, ie. is loaded for that Hero and you can start playing instantly.

Let’s play & try your luck with Lucky Wheel

Boxes are waiting for you !

CryptoWar Team 💜



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