Cryptowatch Contest: Create a Custom Theme

Cryptowatch Team
Aug 1, 2019 · 2 min read

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Impress our designers with your custom theme and win a year of Cryptowatch Pro — the top trading terminal.

EDIT: The contest is now closed. Read on for how to create custom themes.

We just launched Custom Themes for Cryptowatch, allowing our clients to change the look and feel of their charts by modifying 7 different color values.

Win a Year of Cryptowatch Pro

Our designers want to reward your creativity — so we’ll be sharing a free year of our Cryptowatch Pro plan ($900 value) with 3 traders who create the best custom themes.

Everything you get with Pro.

How to Enter

Once you’ve created a theme you’re happy with, tweet @cryptowat_ch a picture with the “theme string” (hit Copy) so others can import it too. Extra points for recreating our Halloween theme.

You may enter as many themes as you’d like.



Here are a few early entrants:

And here are a few themes from our team:

The Bitcoin theme

The Bitcoin theme: “Bitcoin,#4d4d4e,#fcfcfc,#7f7f80,#f2a900,#f2a900,#f2a900,#fcfcfc

Cryptowatch Team Themes

Clockwise from top left:

jespow’s Purpatrader: “Purpatrader,#2e0d73,#d9acfc,#5b0cb1,#03fcf8,#feef39,#22f7b2,#ef1fd3”

captainsidd’s Work Mode (Bloomberg colors): “Work-Mode,#000000,#Fc9d31,#4b4d51,#C8000c,#2800D7,#00a308,#D62834”

artur’s 80s Terminal: “Terminal,#000000,#41ff00,#000000,#218000,#41ff00,#41ff00,#218000”

bill’s Hand-Drawn Charts: “Bills-Hand-Drawn-Charts,#fbf9f4,#3a354b,#f5fc2b,#ad0002,#3759a6,#212121,#Cb0b12”

Cryptowatch Blog

Our blog is now at

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