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What sparks will NFT + AR produce?

After the in-depth analysis of the endless NFT projects and a number of blockchain practitioners during this period, I believe you all know something about NFT. However, I recently found a project that uses NFT + AR to combine the two with different experience perspectives. This project is OVR.

OVR is positioned as the world’s first browser that does not allow users to choose content, but allows the real world to present possible experiences based on specific geographic locations. It’s a global digital dimension. This level is made up of 1.6 trillion unique hexagons of land known as OVR. OVR land can be purchased from the system through auction and then traded or leased in a decentralized way.

-OVR platform consists of OVR ecosystem, OVR land, trading market, OVR experience and OVR advertisement.
-Ecosystem is composed of landowners, creators, miners, users, advertisers and pledgors. From the perspective of architecture, it is no different from the current POS consensus mechanism.
-OVR land is an important part of it, and its property rights will provide economic incentives for the generation, distribution and planning of high-quality AR and VR content.
-The OVR market is decentralized and managed by smart contracts. Its main function is to promote the cross matching between the supply and demand of digital assets on each OVR platform.
-Community users can use SDK OVR based on unity3D to develop AR(Augmented Reality) experience, and then decide whether to sell it in the market. The assets are stored on the IPFS OVR node.

The functions provided by the SDK include managing the objects needed for promotional projects, such as 3D virtual banners, or, generally, using plans for dynamically assigning textures, so that advertisers can insert their promotional elements.

What strikes me most is the OVR assistant, which is a three-dimensional lifelike human incarnation. It uses artificial intelligence, speech recognition and speech synthesis, neural network based on Wikipedia corpus, and programmable knowledge managed by OVR landowners to provide geospatial scene information. And through AI technology, you can simulate your face 1:1, create a virtual character world, and use this character to interact with others in OVR app.

It is divided into two parts: OVR token is a practical token based on Ethereum’s smart contract ERC-20 standard, which can be swapped on OVR official website or purchased in exchange; OVR land token is an irreplaceable token based on ERC-721 standard, which allows decentralized holding of digital assets, such as OVR land or OVR experience, Through the use of smart mobile devices or smart glasses, AR (Augmented Reality) is endowed with life.

The total number of OVR tokens issued is 80 million, and the specific distribution is as follows:

  • Reserved for initial equity investors: 4,250,000 OVR tokens are reserved for equity investors and released linearly in 48 months.
  • Private investors: 3,168,000 OVR tokens are subscribed by early investors through KYC, and are released linearly from no lock to 12 months. Before the effective date, OVR will announce the smart contract, under which investors participating in private placement can exchange their genesis token into OVR token.
  • Core team funding: 26,500,000 OVR tokens are reserved for core team members who have contributed to the project for a long time and released linearly within 48 months.
  • OVR Strategic Advisors: 5,950,000 OVR tokens are reserved for Strategic Advisors supporting the project and released linearly within 24 months.
  • Reward Project: 1,500,000 OVR tokens will be reserved for community members participating in treasure hunting activities and other reward activities, and will be released linearly within 3 months.
  • Community rewards: 20,000,000 OVR tokens are awarded to community members participating in the establishment of OVR ecosystem, such as IPFS.
  • Node operation and pledge, liquidity mining, voting, etc. are linearly released in 72 months.
  • Project fund: 20000000 OVR tokens are used to maintain the OVR ecosystem. How to release these tokens will be decided by the vote of the coin holder. And regardless of the voting result, this part of the fund will not be released before the 72 month line hard time limit. Moreover, if the result of the community vote of the coin holders decides so, this part of the fund may be destroyed.
  • Emergency liquidity guidance: 320000 OVR funds are reserved for liquidity guidance of cooperative exchanges. The reserve is only used in the case of insufficient liquidity due to network congestion or excessive price fluctuation at the initial stage of IBCO. Unused tokens will be burned.

1.In the field of blockchain + AR, OVR can be said to be the best among them, and may even become the “leader” in the combination of on chain and off chain in the later stage.
2. The experience of app is good, and AI technology is even better than some face changing apps made in the market before. It integrates NFT, DeFi and Dao, and its development direction is relatively clear.
3. In the case of staying at home, it links the world with blockchain + AR technology, and promotes industrial development with a better economic model. Most tokens are obtained from contributions, which is in line with the basic governance concept of blockchain.
4. The team is powerful, and it is difficult to have imitators. For example, after the Uniswap explosion, everyone can modify it to make other DEX models. OVR has high technical requirements, and even the open source needs the deep cultivation of a real technical team.
5. The market of blockchain and AR is in a relatively early stage, which has also been criticized for not being applied to the actual stage, which is a common fault of such products.
6. NFT has a large number of competitors, and only the art trading market is in a good development situation, and other categories have not seen a clear prospect.

Overall, the OVR project is a collection of blockchain + AR, and can even be subdivided into DeFi + NFT + AR + AI. It is very difficult to develop, and the competition in the market may not appear in a short time. In the long run, the future of the project is still considerable, but it needs to be continuously promoted and developed, and people’s cognition is constantly improved, so that OVR has a clearer prospect.

At this stage, its emergence provides a new solution for the existing market, which may become a catalyst for the combination of on chain and off chain. Many NFT projects are still separated from reality, and NFT + AR may produce different sparks.



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