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Blockchain Venture Capital Firm, Nodeseeds, Invests in CryptoXpress

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Nodeseeds will invest with CryptoXpress. This development continues the current spate of investment into the project in recent months from names such as Bitboy Crypto, Mempool Ventures, and Halvings Capital. In addition to the partnership, Nodeseeds will provide introductions to their VC and influencer network to help drive marketing and investor relations efforts.

A Blockchain-based Venture Capital Firm

Nodeseeds is designed to enable anyone to take part in investing in startups and projects at the earliest stage. The organisation seeks to break the current barriers associated with the common investor accessing some of the top projects’ private sales. The firm has strong leadership with Co-Founders such as Florian Hermet, Maxime Lean, and Jinyang.

The Nodeseeds Team

Through Nodeseed’s native token NDS, users can access tokenized private sales and seed rounds in the early phases of a blockchain startup or project. This difference means that users that hold NDS can invest in a project that could become the next best thing within a short period.

In addition, 40% of its profits Nodeseeds makes is used to buy back NDS tokens and burn them periodically, with only 15% going back to the company. The VC also has a form on its website page for new crypto projects that desire funds to fill a form on its website profile.

The native NDS token is the utility token of the decentralized VC, and users have to hold 350 NDS tokens to become eligible to participate in the private Nodeseeds investment channels and get specially made analyses of upcoming partnerships.

Nodeseeds Portfolio

More on CryptoXpress

CryptoXpress will democratise and simplify traditional financial services for a new generation. Started by a group of experienced global blockchain experts, the company provides an easy-to-use mobile app to access a range of crypto and banking digital services. A best-in-class user experience to buy/trade crypto, access NFT marketplaces, conduct payments and digital transfers, and access other exclusive loyalty, retail and member benefits.

Get in touch with CryptoXpress

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Cryptocurrency made easy 🚀 CryptoXpress is at the intersection of crypto, finance and the future of banking, in one mobile app. It’s not rocket science.

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