8 Industries that Blockchain is Disrupting {Infographic}

Shivendra Misra
Jun 29, 2018 · 2 min read
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Blockchain is a distributed and decentralized ledger which is immutable. This means that once the data has been added to the blockchain, it cannot be changed or removed. All the participants in the network have a copy of the ledger and anyone can add transactions to the chain in the form of blocks.

The technology has been gaining popularity since a decade now. Many people were introduced to it after the huge price rise of Bitcoin last year. However the applications of Blockchain are not limited to cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrenies are one amongst many use cases of Blockchain.

Big traditional companies have now started to adopt and use blockchain to simplify their business processes, decentralize them and establish trust.

Here are 8 industries that are being disrupted by blockchain,

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I am a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiast and I’m highly interested in solving real world problems through technology and Entrepreneurship. Apart from writing, coding and reading books I am also passionate about fitness and sports. Reach out to me on LinkedIn!


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