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6 min readJan 29, 2023

Surviving the bear

An entire year gone, the river of time flows onward, pushing some forward while also leaving many crypto casualties in its wake.

What have we learned ? Where are we headed ?

2022 seemed to last forever if you were checking price action on the cryptocurrencies. Every week or so seemed to be a slide and news of trusted figures and money managers in the sector filing chapter 11 or just outright ponzi and rugpulls.

Psychology of a market cycle

If you have been through the 2018 crypto bear market, you will be familiar with these patterns. When the markets enter the contraction phase, the true colours of projects, products and services really show.

I won’t pretend to be an economist, so let’s not analyze market psychology, do your own research, let’s focus on our part to play in this growing sector.

The Cryptoz project and now Zoombies is celebrating 5+ years !!

This proven track record shows we are here to stay !

If you are new to Zoombies or are a faithful NFT holder, or have come across the brand in the past, let’s do a little review and update on the philosophy of the project, and share some of the immediate and longer term goals.


We have spent all of 2022 in build mode. Watching from our desks the crypto world unravel, we had our heads buried in code and development as we continue to build the Zoombies NFT entertainment world complex for the ZOOM economy. If you missed that part of this story, TLDR , the overarching vision for this project is to build a sustainable NFT token economy that brings people together in a fun, social and meaningful way.

I have recently had discussions with other NFT projects and holders and realized we need to be better at explaining this radical vision that is different than the standard 10,000 NFT collection model.

Why we are different

The initial design and vision of the Cryptoz NFT platform that the Zoombies collection is based on was inspired by cryptokitties not cryptopunks, back in 2017.

We love Cryptopunks, the collection being the OG, and the birth of the Non-Fungible standard. Respect all day here for Larvalabs and also a quick plug for V1 Cryptopunks, read up on that story, really interesting NFT history there.

Our experience with minting and the initial trading of Cryptopunks was paramount for that early spark of inspiration to make a collection to share with the public, we started to reverse engineer the contracts and the concept. But it was when Cryptokitties hit, the lightbulb went ON, this is what we were looking for !

This is where you logically say.. well cryptopunks is booming still 5 years later, and who even knows or wants a cryptokitty ? let’s compare

Limited edition NFT collections — Cryptopunks model

  • Small supply
  • Exclusive community, only enter by secondary market later
  • If successful, floor rises out of range for most people, unlimited ceiling
  • Collectors and trophy holders are the audience
  • Current blockchains limit utility of a small collection

Unlimited NFT collections — Cryptokitty model

  • Infinite supply
  • Inclusive community, entrants to primary market at any point in time
  • Floor never changes, ceiling unlimited, with wide distribution range
  • Traders and long term digital collectors are the audience
  • Current blockchains make large collections costly

In 2017 when the Cryptoz-Zoombies infinite minting platform was first conceptualized, the core vision for the collection was assuming the blockchain platforms would catch up and we could offer:

A low barrier to entry, expanding NFT collection that would be inclusive of new collectors at any point in it’s future timeline. Provide deck building to play future proof on chain NFT Trading Card Games , while still providing scarcity and rarity.

Sample Card collection

If you have ever collected trading cards like Magic The Gathering, Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh!, the concept is not new.

The NFT protocol opened an opportunity for true digital asset ownership, immutable history of the asset, and a standard to create future utility without permission. Anyone can add value by building games, markets, clubs for an NFT collection. This prospect excited us ! and still does today 5+ years later.

NFT’s are soooo cool.. just wanted to say that ! We really love the idea so much :)

What is the value in the infinite NFT collection ?

The Zoombies collection holds to it’s core value of rarity by its fixed rules of probability distribution of Epic, Rare, Uncommon and Common random minting from “Booster packs” or mints. By stamping each card with an edition number, the collection maintains scarcity within each set with Limited and unlimited edition prints.

Zoombies NFTs are pretty unique for storing these attributes on chain right inside the token itself, provable and independent of the metadata. Not many NFT collections can claim this feature, beware and do your research out there, or you literally are just buying a jpg.

Immediate Goals

Fast forward to Jan2023. The immediate goals are to finish the build of the next stage of the vision, an interactive real-time social community immersed in the NFT collections.

We have spent 2022 building a 2D isometric web2 real-time multiplayer engine for the browser that works with metamask seamlessly. Follow our developer log here on our YouTube channel, and contact us on Discord if you are interested in early access.

Zoombies NFT World — Real-time multiplayer world sign up
Zoombies World — Land NFT settlements lobby
Zoombies World — Real-time chat and multiplayer NFT land settlements

The next major milestone is the deployment of the Zoombies NFT collection and Zoom token on the Moonbeam blockchain March 8, 2023.

Immediately followed by the deployment of the limited edition Zoombies Land NFT utility collection. Follow us on Twitter and Discord for these upcoming announcements and timelines.

Long Term Goals

We are still on track to fulfil the vision for Zoombies omnichain NFT miniverse. We want to expand the collections onto all EVM chains with unique collections per chain.

All collections will bridge to 1 hub chain, Moonbeam.

Zoombies NFT omnichain miniverse

This Zoombies hub will allow for card combining, deck building, card games, battles, and future inventions.

We are excited to see the chain interop technology has caught up and we are in a position to start planning these multi-chain super collections !

What we feel we did right

So far we think addressing community cohesion through real-time social is still the right move. We are really shifting priority to include community building using social media, news and product education as a priority in 2023.

What we could have done differently

We think, that we could have focused our development on a core card game instead of the 2D world system last year in 2022. We invite you to discuss in our Discord, your views as holders of these NFTs. We would like input on what is important to you as a priority. We are scoping the first card game now for release later this year. The gameplay is designed, we are working on screen layouts :)

We hope this has inspired you to continue to have faith in the NFT movement, and re-ignited that initial excitement you may have felt for the enormous potential NFTs hold.

Stay tuned for lots of excitement from the Zoombies Team in 2023… and beyond !



Zoombies NFT World

Zoombies ( formerly Cryptoz) minting platforms are collectible NFT zombie cards built on Scarcity, Rarity and Community deployed on BSC, Moonriver, Moonbeam