Building trust

Feb 19, 2018 · 3 min read

Trust is at the cornerstone of the best relationships. It would be hard if not impossible to argue this isn’t true.

Quite often people get excited and become invested in a system or gaming universe, to eventually become disappointed or bored once it becomes determined that the system they are part of , may go through changes or updates, and become something they just don’t like and dont want to be a part of anymore. Nothing can last forever… right ?…. or can it ?

We are still amazed by what it is, and what it changes in the rules we’ve known about trust. There is a lot of buzz and fluff right now about cryptocurrencies and blockchains and the value of money and control in centralized systems. We have focused on Ethereum, there could be something better, it’s very hard to know right now, only time will tell. But we know the Ethereum blockchain will be around for a very very long time. For this discussion and for the purposes of the Cryptoz Universe, we have chosen Ethereum as the decentralized platform to build the Universe on.

Ethereum provides us with a way to describe stores of value as tokens, and more importantly, apply any set of rules.. as contracts on how people as the owners of wallets, can interact with each other.

This is how trust is built.

If you would like to make an exchange with another person you have never met, or with a store you have never purchased from, how can you trust the person or people on the other side ?

Until blockchain, we have never had an immutable ledger system. Couple that with making it decentralized and completely transparent and now any participant in the system can see exactly what every other wallet owner is doing, when, and for how much. Trust is built into the very fabric of the platform. The industry term for this concept is Provably fair

Cryptoz is built on the core value of Trust

Ethereum smart contracts enforce the rules of an economic system, these are the laws built in to the Cryptoz Universe, forever.

The contracts tell you, where the boundaries of the universe are, how you can interact in it, who is doing what, who has done what, right from the point of inception. From its Big Bang moment

Anyone at anytime can review, share, audit these contracts. The rules within them can never be changed, even by us. The contracts become part of Ethereum, and while we can pull some of the levers from the outside, Cryptoz will live forever and anyone in the future can build on top of that.

This is an amazing time, we are excited for the big bang Cryptoz event !

Sample of Cryptoz

We invite you to participate in the birth of the Cryptoz universe. join us for the Token Generation Event on March 8–23, 2018 at the website.

Cryptoz are limited edition collectible crypto zombie cards on the Ethereum blockchain


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Cryptoz are collectible crypto zombie cards on the Ethereum blockchain

Cryptoz are limited edition collectible crypto zombie cards on the Ethereum blockchain

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