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The last mile is always the longest

The never ending road and the forgotten along the way…

We embarked to create a fun, community rewarded collectible Ethereum token based card application near the end of 2017. We started out strong, the contracts made sense, we were able to create a proof of concept relatively quick and got very excited that we could ship within months with a target Token Generation Event for early adopters within 6 months of our start date.

Boy did we underestimate that.

Well life is not that simple, and nor is making things that have never been made before. I mean sure, we were able to cannibalize and learn from CryptoKitties and the CryptoPunks contracts, but we aren’t out to make a clone.

We wanted to make something with a few new twists and social dynamics for the community that we hope one day will flourish and grow over time for our players old and new.

We feel bad that we can’t just “get it done” but as mentioned, you ride this roller coaster of emotional highs and lows from downright defeat and insurmountable odds and obstacles, to triumphant wins with amazing solutions to what seemed like impossible problems. I have been told many times

“No, sorry there is no way you will be able to do that in Ethereum, it will be impossible”

The alternative is defeat. The alternative is to admit that all your time and effort were to only find a door that could not be opened and to go back to your 9–5 life and get in line with the rest of the them and stop dreaming.

I don’t really accept NO when it comes to technology solutions. Which fortunately helps projects like these move along.

So i present to you now the first of much more to come. Progress finally in the face of uncertainty. Perseverance in the darkest of winters. Cryptoz cards for every person every where. Public Beta coming real soon ( I know better than to promise dates now ;)

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Cryptoz are limited edition collectible crypto zombie cards on the Ethereum blockchain

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Zoombies NFT World

Cryptoz minting platforms are collectible NFT zombie cards built on Scarcity, Rarity and Community deployed on Binance Smart Chain, Moonriver, Moonbeam